Heavy-Duty Enclosures

DPS and DPH series enclosures

Bud Industries, Cleveland, OH, has introduced a series of heavy-duty plastic enclosures that are designed to provide flexibility in installing printed circuit boards and other components. The DPS and DPH series enclosures have provisions for mounting panels in the base, cover, and anywhere between via mounting channels. The DPS series features a screw-down cover; the DPH series features a hinged cover. All models have the option of a clear or opaque cover. Each series comes in nine sizes ranging from 7.04 × 5.04 × 4.83 in. to 13.24 × 11.20 × 7.70 in. The corrosion-resistant enclosures are made of thick UV-rated polycarbonate plastic.

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Medical DC-DC Converters

Series of DC-DC converters

A series of DC-DC converters with ultra-wide input ranges with safety approvals for both medical and Industrial applications is available from Traco Power, San Jose, CA. The THM 60WI series is rated for applied parts with BF (body floating) applications, ensuring patient and operator protection. The series offers 9-75 or 18-75 Vin ranges with single and dual outputs of 5.1/12/15/24/±12/±15 V with up to 92 percent efficiency. All models are 2xMOPP compliant with an ISO 14971 risk management file and safety approved to IEC/EN/ES 60601-1 and IEC/ EN/UL 62368-1 standards. All models offer an MTBF of 1 million+ hours (MIL-HDBK-217F, ground benign).

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Miniature Gas Valves

Miniature solenoid valves

Emerson, St. Louis, MO, has expanded its line of miniature solenoid valves, adding a new three-way Series 090 valve configuration to enable lighter, more space-efficient solutions for gas control in oxygen therapy, compression therapy, and gas analyzer devices. Originally developed as a two-way valve for air and inert gases in portable medical devices, the valve features a compact architecture, small 10.8-mm footprint and 50-million-cycle life for maximum reliability. The three-way configuration can perform the same mixing and diverting functions as a pair of two-way valves, making it suitable for small, high-precision gas delivery systems for oxygen and other home-care devices. The valve body is molded from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) plastic, with seals made of durable fluorocarbon (FKM) elastomer.

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Coating Capabilities

Medical coating operations

Surface Solutions Group, LLC (SSG), Chicago, IL, has expanded its medical coating operations to six distinct production lines. The additional lines allow the company to segregate production by different PTFE colors, such as green, blue, and gray, as well as separating waterborne coatings from solvent-based PTFE coatings. The expanded capacity enables the company to coat guidewires, hypotubes, and mandrels up to 300 cm in length. Each production area has its own HVAC with HEPA filtering, significantly reducing foreign contamination and coating defects.

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Miniature Load Button

Miniature load button

A miniature load button is available from FUTEK, Irvine, CA. The LLB250 can measure compression forces up to 250 lbs with a footprint of just 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) diameter and 0.15 in. (3.9 mm) in height. It features a custom single-gauge design for robust integration with the sensor case and very high accuracy and reliability. The single-gauge design eliminates inter-gauge wiring. A customized strain element allows increased strain measurement around the active sensor element that reduces reproducibility errors and installation mishaps. The sensor is designed for press or in-line compression applications. The sensor has a highly flexible 34 AWG, 4-conductor, 5-ft (1.5 m) long-braided shielded cable. Custom sensor versions can be optimized to meet specific requirements.

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Motion Controllers

Stepper and servo motor controllers

A series of stepper and servo motor controllers from Optimal Engineering Systems, Van Nuys, CA, are designed to control from one to four axes of motion for users without prior motion control experience. The MCC controllers integrate a motion control card and operator interface in one package. A user-friendly interface enables the user to operate the motion controller without the need for a PC, PLC, host controller, or programming. Modes of operations are Set Acceleration, Set Velocity, Set Position, Absolute Move, Relative Move, Find Home, Reset Position Counter, Go to Position Zero, Joystick Operation, and Stop All Motors.

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Antimicrobial Coating

New coating technology

A new coating technology for medical devices from Biointeractions, Reading, UK, is designed to represent a paradigm shift in infection prevention and protection against a broad range of pathogens. TridAnt® incorporates active and passive components to create a nonleaching, effective, safe, and durable antimicrobial coating for even the most sensitive medical devices and implants. The antimicrobial technology target microbes (prokaryotic cells) and has reduced risk to human cells. It is the first known medical device technology to kill enveloped as well as nonenveloped viruses and gram-positive as well as gram-negative bacteria.

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Chip Inductors

SMP0603 chip inductors

Gowanda Electronics, Gowanda, NY, has introduced its first ceramic core chip inductor series for power applications. The SMP0603 chip inductors are suitable for medical applications. The performance range provided by the 37 discrete parts within the series includes inductance from 1.8 to 27 nH, DCR ohms from 0.01 to 0.04, and current rating mA DC from 1750 to 3400. All meet a TML (total mass loss) outgassing requirement of 1.0 percent max when tested in accordance with ASTM E595. Standard terminations are gold-plated nickel and RoHS-compliant. inductors are designed with a flat top cover for pick-and-place assembly, and they are suitable for reflow soldering. Operating temperature for the power series ranges from –40° to +125 °C.

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