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Electrical Connectors: Design Considerations for Medical Devices
The Ergonomics of Robotics: Part 2
Ultrasoft Sensor Monitors Heart Cells with Minimal Disruption
Proactive Cybersecurity Saves Healthcare Organizations from Data Breaches
Tubing and Hose Buying: Top 20 Tips
High-Consistency Rubber Provides Versatility for Medical Device Manufacturing


Product Focus March 2019: Materials
New Products & Services: March 2019 Medical Design Briefs
Product of the Month: March 2019 Medical Design Briefs

R & D

Bioinspired Drug Delivery
Positive Results for Artificial Pancreas and Smartphone App
Ultrasensitive Sensor with Gold Nanoparticle Array
Smart Microrobots Adapt to Surroundings
Tech Briefs
Smart Knee Implants Could Reduce Number of Knee Replacement Surgeries
Finger Support Could Help Regain Motor Function
3D Printed Implant Promotes Nerve Cell Growth to Treat Spinal Cord Injury
3D Nanoprinting Strategy Opens Door to Revolution in Medicine, Robotics
Wireless Sensor Monitors Blood Flow after Surgery
Artificial Skin Could Give Superhuman Perception
Medical Manufacturing and Machining


DEMYSTIFYING TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER in Medical Device Contract Manufacturing
Integrating Vision and Force Measurement into Medical Quality Control
Electrocutting and Mechanical Cutting for Endoscopic Applications


Process Developed to 3D Print Piezoelectric Materials
Low-Cost Sensors Have High Impact on Productivity
Research Explores Internal Flow Behavior in Additive Manufacturing, Welding of Metals