A global digital event  hosted by Zeiss  will feature innovations, insights, and industry trends across multiple industries, including medtech. The event will be held April 15–19, with the medtech industry being the focus on April 16. Keynote speakers will discuss the latest trends, and attendees can participate in interactive break-out sessions to exchange ideas with industry experts on intriguing and relevant industry topics.

Industry speakers from leading medtech companies include J&J MedTech, Smith+Nephew, B. Braun Aesculap AG, Orchid Orthopedics Solutions, and Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Topics include:

  • Innovation in Microsurgery Focusing on AI and Robotics
  • Advanced Manufacturing Innitation and Realization Lifecyle
  • Optimize Your Lab Testing for Medical Devices
  • How to be 10x More Productive with AI within the Medical Industry
  • Trends Towards Non-Contact Inspections in QA of Medical Devices’
  • First Steps into 3D Digitalization of Medical Plastic Components
  • Quality Assurance for the Highest Medical Standards

Register for the event here .