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Medical smart patches and bandages are helping doctors who want to monitor their patients' health and manage their drug intake. Explore applications for medical smart patches and get to know the suppliers and manufacturers.

Latest Briefs & News

Briefs : Wearables
Researchers Develop Long-Lasting Disposable Health Patch

Researchers have created a health patch that offers unprecedented comfort and a long battery life, previously unseen in this type of device. The patch can also be manufactured at a...

Features : Wearables
Advancing the Evolution of Skin-Contact Adhesion Technology

Whether used in wound care products, ostomy applications, or for adhering wearable devices to skin, advanced pressure-sensitive adhesives are being created to improve breathability,...

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Wireless Sensor Monitors Blood Flow after Surgery

A new device developed by Stanford University researchers could make it easier for doctors to monitor the success of blood vessel surgery. The sensor, detailed in a paper published in Nature...

Briefs : Medical
Artificial Skin Could Give Superhuman Perception

A new type of sensor could lead to artificial skin that someday helps burn victims ‘feel’ and safeguards the rest of us, University of Connecticut researchers suggest in a paper in...

R&D : Wearables
E-bandage Generates Electricity, Speeds Wound Healing

Researchers have developed a self-powered bandage that generates an electric field over an injury, dramatically reducing the healing time for skin wounds in rats. They wanted to develop a...

INSIDER : Wearables
Better bandage promotes powerful healing

A new, low-cost wound dressing could dramatically speed up healing in a surprising way. The method leverages energy generated from a patient’s own body motions to apply gentle electrical pulses at...

Briefs : Medical
Simple Stickers May Save Lives of Heart Patients

Heart surgery can be traumatic for patients. Having to continuously monitor your status without a doctor when you are back home can be even scarier. Imagine being able to do that with a simple...

INSIDER : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Skin Sensor Could Improve Life for a Million Hydrocephalus Patients

A new wireless, Band-Aid-like sensor could revolutionize the way patients manage hydrocephalus and potentially save the U.S. health care system millions of dollars. A...

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Sugar-Powered Sensor Detects, Prevents Disease

Researchers at Washington State University have developed an implantable, biofuel-powered sensor that runs on sugar and can monitor a body's biological signals to detect, prevent and diagnose...

Features : Communications
Miniaturized Wireless Medical Wearables

Traditionally, small chip antennas used in RF-enabled medical devices have required a designated ground “keep out” area to minimize interference from other components and ensure the ideal radiation...

INSIDER : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Smart Bandages Monitor, Treat Chronic Wounds

A prototype bandage has been designed to actively monitor the condition of chronic wounds and deliver appropriate drug treatments to improve the chances of healing. The research is aimed at...

Features : Wearables
Transitioning from Wearables to Medical Devices

The population is aging, and more people need health support, which is having a big impact on the overall spend in medical care. Due to this situation, authorities and health insurance...

Features : Wearables
IoMT: Smarter, Seamless, Connected Medical Devices

Doctors often tell patients to “listen to your body and take note of what it is telling you.” Now, technology is being developed that will listen for us and process the signals to help...

INSIDER : Wearables
Next-Gen Wearable Sensors Generate Sweat

Researchers are developing cutting-edge biometric sensors that function without compromising the skin and its ability to prevent infection and dehydration. The new sensors generate sweat to glean...

INSIDER : Wearables
Study Shows Electric Bandages Can Fight Biofilm Infection

Researchers have shown — for the first time — that special bandages using weak electric fields to disrupt bacterial biofilm infection can prevent infections, combat antibiotic...

Features : Wearables
Skin-Worn Wearable Devices: Tomorrow’s Vision, Today’s Realities

In the fast-expanding world of wearable medical devices, an entrepreneurial spirit is driving dreams of a digital health future into reality. Collaboration on material...

News : Wearables
Ear-Worn Sensor Monitors Body Temp in Real Time

Researchers have developed a 3D printed sensor worn on the ear that measures one of the most basic medical indicators of health in real time: core body temperature.

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Disposable, Point-of-Care Sensor Provides Rapid Diagnosis

A new project aims to develop a disposable, point-of-care biosensor for rapid diagnosis and health monitoring, supported by a four-year, $1.8 million Smart and Connected Health award...

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Wearable Sensors Created from Biocompatible Hydrogel

Engineers and biologists at MIT have teamed up to design a new “living material” — a tough, stretchy, biocompatible sheet of hydrogel injected with live cells that are genetically...

News : Medical
'Painless' Patch Delivers Insulin When Needed

Treatment for certain diabetes cases involves constant monitoring of blood-glucose levels and daily insulin shots. Scientists from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, NC), North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC), and the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (Changchun, P.R....

News : Medical
Smart Patch Release Blood Thinner as Needed

A new smart patch from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, precisely releases blood-thinning drugs as needed. The device monitors a patient's blood to prevent thrombosis, the occurrence of blood clots.

News : Medical
Wearable Patch Monitors Biochemical, Electrical Signals

For athletes looking to track their workouts or physicians who want to monitor a patient's heart disease, a flexible Chem-Phys patch from the University of California San Diego analyzes the body's biochemical and electric signals. The Chem-Phys wearable technology records electrocardiogram...

News : Medical
Smart Patch Tracks Blood Sugar, Releases Insulin

A “smart insulin patch” created by researchers at the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University detects increases in blood sugar levels and secretes doses of insulin into the bloodstream whenever needed.


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