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Lasers: The Next Generation of Fetal Monitoring

Researchers have developed a novel monitoring system using optoacoustic technology to provide accurate, real-time measurement of cerebral venous blood oxygen saturation in fetuses during late-stage labor. This pre-clinical patient monitoring system from Noninvasix, Inc., Galveston, TX, enables...

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Twice As Nice: Overmolded Devices Provide Strength, Aesthetics, and an Ergonomic Grip for Medical Applications

If you’ve picked up a power tool at the hardware store recently, or used a multimeter to check for power on a kitchen outlet, you’re probably experienced overmolding. The application of soft, durable plastic over a rigid...

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Looking Ahead to 2016

Hard to believe another year is nearly over. 2016 is just around the corner. Another election year, and that will bring many changes, we can be certain. A new president and a new Congress could substantially impact the medical device industry. Will the Affordable Care Act be upheld, modified, or abolished? How about the...

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Materials Designed for Consumer Electronics Provide Insights for Medical Devices

Engineering thermoplastics are used throughout the consumer electronics (CE) industry today because they enable design freedom while also providing high performance capabilities. Although the industries differ, with CE having fewer regulations and being faster to...

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Empower Medical Devices with Embedded Database Software and Manage Risks

Medical device manufacturers have a tremendous opportunity to improve patient health care and boost the productivity of nurses and physicians with innovative products based on the latest microcontrollers and embedded processors. These technologies are a source of great...

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100% Solids: A Compelling Solution to the Challenges of Medical Adhesive Coating

From securing the simplest bandage to adhering components of the most complex diagnostic devices, pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have long had a crucial role to play in the medical industry. PSAs are versatile, capable of being formulated to stick well to...

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Grinding and Guidewires: Manufacturing for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Last year, more than 50 million surgical procedures were performed in the United States. As that number grows each year, the quantity of and preference for minimally invasive surgeries is also increasing. Key factors driving this trend, compared to traditional open surgery,...

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Locking Gas Springs Can Ensure Safety and Flexibility of a Medical System

Heavy-duty gas springs are often used to replace or supplement human power when lifting or lowering heavy loads such as lids, hoods, and flaps in construction and industrial applications. In medical settings, gas springs can be found on a variety of equipment, from...

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Crowdfunding and the Danger of Unapproved Devices

Crowdfunding is being used every day to raise money for various causes and to aid in the launch of new products. Spurred on by themes such as “Be the change you want to see in the world,” donors feel virtuous for helping to fund a child’s medical bills or helping a non-profit to provide...

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Top 5 Concerns When Selecting a Custom Extruder
Top 5 Concerns When Selecting a Custom Extruder

Finding the right custom extrusion and plastics company to manufacture and provide a key custom component to your end-product needs can often seem a daunting task. With an abundance of...

Top 5 Concerns When Selecting a Custom Extruder
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2015 Contest Winner Gives Hope to Millions of Heart Failure Patients

The 13th annual “Create the Future” Design Contest for engineers, students, and entrepreneurs worldwide, sponsored by COMSOL, Inc., and Mouser Electronics, attracted a record number of entries—nearly 1,160 innovative product ideas from engineers and students in more than...

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2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Grand Prize Winner

Development of a Non-Surgical Circulatory Support Device for the Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure

Omar Benavides, PhD, Senior Product Development Engineer; Benjamin Hertzog, PhD, President & CEO; Jason Heuring, PhD, Chief Operating Officer; Reynolds M. Delgado III, MD,...
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2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Medical Category Winner

Smart X-Ray Source

Mark Eaton, CEO; Dr. Ronald Hellmer; Dr. Shuo Cheng; Hugo Leon; and Dr. Leif Fredin
Stellarray, Austin, TX

Since the discovery of X-rays 110 years ago, affordable X-ray sources have all been point source X-ray tubes, in which x-rays are...

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2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Honorable Mentions

Method for Treating Cartilage Defects

Michael Lytinas
Ideas Foundation, Boston, MA

This invention is a method to treat cartilage defects in osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries by moving ions into a collagen matrix of the defective cartilage using electricity....

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Applying Metallic Thermal Interface Materials for Medical Electronics

A well-performing thermal interface material (TIM) fulfills a variety of application requirements within the broad range of electronic modules and systems incorporated in medical imaging and other medical electronics systems. Understanding how high-performance metallic and...

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Powering Tomorrow’s Medicine: Critical Decisions for Batteries in Medical Applications

Technological advancements are making medical devices increasingly feature-rich and miniaturized: two performance characteristics that are inherently conflicting, thus requiring increasingly sophisticated battery power management solutions.

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Thermal Design Considerations for Medical Devices to Improve Patient Safety
Thermal Design Considerations for Medical Devices to Improve Patient Safety

While technological advancements continue to enable medical devices to become more capable and more compact, the use of advanced electronics has also created thermal...

Thermal Design Considerations for Medical Devices to Improve Patient Safety
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Selecting Pump Tubing: Just Remember “STAMP”

Choosing pump tubing successfully results in a system that delivers optimal performance and prevents redesign and troubleshooting later. For medical device applications, custom OEM peristaltic pump systems are common for fluid transfer. Designing a new medical device requires precise criteria for...

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Valveless Fluid Control for Medical Diagnostic Instrumentation

The results of recent surveys suggest that more than half of all healthcare decisions are made using test results obtained from medical diagnostic instrumentation. These tests are routinely performed by diagnostic instrumentation at hospitals, diagnostic centers, and at a variety of...

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Graphene Coating Could Aid Chemotherapy
Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
Trondheim, Norway

Silver, which has non-toxic qualities, is often used as a coating on medical equipment used for chemotherapy. But, this silver coating can break down drugs. Now, researchers at the Norwegian...

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Mission Accomplished: Vision Trainer Teaches Focusing Techniques at Home

Inventions often find unintended uses. The first mechanical clocks in Europe were intended to track the motions of celestial bodies and found their original market among monks who kept a strict prayer schedule. A mixture invented by ancient Chinese alchemists was used to...

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There’s an App for That?

Recently, an online discussion board broached the subject of FDA approval for a diagnostic app that might be able to predict when a patient’s condition would relapse. The question postulated whether there was a way to circumvent FDA approval by launching the app in another country and making it available online. And,...

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An Overview of Nitinol: Superelastic and Shape Memory

The world population is growing, globalization has resulted in a higher standard of living in many countries, and people are living longer. With increased living standards and choices people make, lifestyle-related illnesses, such as cardiovascular diseases, are on the increase. Companies...

Features : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Advancements in Photochemical Etching Technology Provide Benefits to Medical Device Manufacturers

Many medical devices and applications require small metal components that demand very specific characteristics. These can include:

Features : Medical
Smaller, Smarter, Electronic, Connected: The Next Generation of Drug-Delivery Devices

An exciting trend in drug delivery is underway: the movement toward smaller, smarter, wirelessly connected electronic devices that allow patient-administered therapy. Inspired by the technological advancements driving the consumer electronics market, new...

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Designing Implantable Drug-Delivery Systems for Safety, Operational Complexity, and Compatibility with Diagnostic and Treatment Procedures

This article addresses how implantable devices can be de - signed to modulate drug infusion safely and precisely, even minimizing disruption for concurrent treatment and diagnostics, while optimizing drug...

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Actuation Technique for Miniature Robots Developed Using Multiphysics Simulation

Minimally invasive surgery depends on small, flexible tools with reliable actuation and consistent performance. Robotic devices have entered the operating room as assistants to procedures requiring hours of standing on the part of the surgeon. But many robotic...

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Freedom from Lubrication Ensures a Clear View

Slit lamp biomicrography is paramount to the practice of ophthalmology, allowing for an inside look at various areas of the eye with a range of magnification levels and light sources. The development of medical devices, such as the ophthalmologic slit lamp, brings about a number of design...

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Laser-Driven Source of X-Rays for Medical Imaging


A team of physicists at Ludwig- Maximilians University Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Munich, Germany, reports that they have validated a novel laser-driven means of generating bright and highly energetic X-ray beams. This method, they say, opens...

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Piezo Mechanisms Improve Refractive Eye Surgery

Piezo motion-based precision mechanisms provide a number of features that are highly sought after in medical applications, such as lubricant-free design and sterile, ceramic actuation. Ceramics are also non-magnetic, an advantage in high-energy imaging/scanning based on strong magnetic fields.

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