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From the Editor

From the Editor — FDA Moves to Increase Transparency of Medical Device Reporting


Materials Matter for Connected Health
The ‘Relativity’ of High Q Capacitors
Force-Sensitive Innovations: Addressing Cerebral Palsy Challenges with Electronic Medical Training Devices
Strategies for Low-Risk Sourcing of Components in a Constrained Market
Reimagining Innovation: Additive Manufacturing


New Products & Services: June 2019 Medical Design Briefs
Product Focus June 2019: Tubing
Product of the Month: June 2019 MDB

R & D

Soft Tissue Substitute Offers Fewer Side Effects
Monitoring Vital Signs Using Radar
Earlier Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy with Smartphone ArtificiaI Intelligence
Self-Powered Wearable Tech
Swallowable Self-Inflating Capsule Tackles Obesity
Prenatal App Reduces In-person Visits During Pregnancy

Global Innovations

Regenerative Medicine: 3D Printing Biological Tissue
Tech Briefs
Scientists 3D Print All-Liquid ‘Lab on a Chip’
Wristbands Do Health Check During Workout
Wearable Sensors Could Leverage Biotechnology to Monitor Personal, Environmental Data
An Army of Microrobots Can Wipe Out Dental Plaque
Synthetic Speech Generated from Brain Recordings
Imaging System Helps Surgeons Remove Tiny Ovarian Tumors