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Investigating Cardiac Device Performance with Computer Modeling and Simulation
Medical Device Design: The Importance of Thoughtful Adhesive Selection
The Ergonomics of Wearable Designs: Part 1
Got Your Game Plan? The OEM Playbook to Navigating Preclinical Device Testing Under MDR and ISO 10993-1
Manufacturing: Tooling Up for Success
Rehab Device Works with All Joints of Lower Limbs


New Products & Services: February 2019 Medical Design Briefs
Product Focus February 2019: Power Supplies
Product of the Month: February 2019 Medical Design Briefs

R & D

Inkjet-Printed Biosensor Offers Less-Invasive Breast Cancer Detection
E-bandage Generates Electricity, Speeds Wound Healing
New ‘Smart’ Material Has Potential Biomedical Applications
Paper Sensors Remove Sting of Diabetic Testing
3D Printed Biosensor Could Improve Glucose Monitors
New Tool Offers Speedy Diagnosis of Bacterial Infections
Tech Briefs
Electronic Glove Gives Robotic Hand Sense of Touch
Using Graphene to Detect ALS and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases
Predicting Leaky Heart Valves with 3D Printing
Noninvasive Technology Detects When Nerve Cells Fire
Miniaturizing Smart Wearables for Fitness and Activity Tracking
Promising Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer's Disease Identified