Linear Motion Modules

A new series of linear motion modules from Ewellix, Goteborg, Sweden, is designed to increase significantly the capability of small industrial automation robots and cobots. The company’s new LIFTKIT and SLIDEKIT can extend the reach and mobility of standard robots without the need for expensive upgrades or complex accessories and programming. The new modules are supplied ready to install. The LIFTKIT comprises a telescopic pillar, capable of raising and lowering a standard robot or cobot by up to 900 mm.

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E-textile for IoT

Bally Ribbon Mills, Bally, PA, has launched an e-textile product base specifically designed to serve as a customizable base for a wide range of smart textile applications within the Internet of Things (IoT). The E-WEBBINGS® smart textiles serve as the foundation layer to which electronic intercommunicative technology is integrated directly. They allow for smaller final product size, lower weight, optimal user comfort, and significant cost savings. The narrow woven fabrics are made from a wide variety of fibers and conductive elements that allow electronics and digital parts to be embedded in them.

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Cartridge Components

West Pharmaceutical Services, Exton, PA, has released new cartridge components and injectors. The NovaPure® 3 mL Cartridge components are comprised of a plunger and lined seal components, specifically designed for consistent delivery for higher-volume injectable drug-delivery systems. The SmartDose® Gen. II 10 mL injector, which enables subcutaneous delivery of a wide range of drug formulation viscosities up to 10 mL in volume, is now available for commercialization. The system adheres to the patient’s body, so patients can remain hands-free during the injection.

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Handheld Laser Marking System

Laser Photonics, Oxford, MA, offers a handheld fiber laser marking system designed for true portability, operating off both AC/DC power sources. The MarkStar 10 W is ideal for backlit button marking, medical coding, IC chip package marking, and 2D UDI/UID barcoding. The versatile unit can be moved easily for convenient operation from any location and is capable of marking considerably large equipment and materials that would not fit into traditional marking systems.

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Threaded Inserts

Keystone, New Hyde Park, NY, has introduced a new series of ultra-low profile, surface mountable threaded inserts specifically designed and packaged for use on PCBs in the same manner as other SMT components as a simplified method of adding threads to PCBs. Manufactured from steel with a tin plate, these inserts offer an easy method of adding threads to a PCB while utilizing the same equipment as with other SMT components, resulting in reduced handling time or reduced damage that may occur while using traditional threading methods for a PCB.

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Drill System

A new system from SYNEO, West Palm Beach, FL, combines catheter drilling and cutting processes into an all-in-one system. The Accu-Drill DC402C system reduces the cost of manufacturing catheter tubing components that require punched or drilled holes and precision cut lengths. It combines the features of SYNEO’s Accu-Cut 202L and Accu-Drill SD402C systems. The drill and cut applications can further be enhanced with spool or stick-feeding systems, in-line inspection, and pass/fail binning.

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Watson Marlow FTG, Wilmington, MA, has released a new tubing that offers extended lifespan and steady flow consistency, overcoming the technical challenges associated with continuous bioprocessing. The results of a recent study demonstrate that PureWeld XL provides significantly longer peristaltic pump life and sustainable flow rate delivery when compared with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) tubing. It demonstrated a lifetime of 293 hours and maintained a constant flow throughout its lifespan.

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