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Mechanical & Fluid Systems


Products: Motion Control
Surgical Motors

Portescap, Morristown, NJ, offers surgical motors that are designed to withstand 3,000+ autoclave cycles. The motors and...

Features: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Although the pandemic has delayed the MDR’s validation date, it has not diminished the importance of this new regulation.
Special Reports: Robotics, Automation & Control
Medical Robotics - April 2022

Novel biosensors set to revolutionize brain-controlled robotics...micro-robots propelled by air bubbles...a smart artificial hand...major advances in exoskeleton technology. These are just a few of the medical...

R&D: Nanotechnology
The research offers potential inspiration for microfluidic pumps that allow the controlled flow of liquids.
Briefs: Medical
The polymer gear material reduces noise and absorbs shock and vibration.
Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Electrolyte tanks, medical servers, lab management software, and more.
Products: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Micro-metallizer pens, sensor evaluation kits, single-use disposables, and more.
R&D: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A new robotic hand grasps a wide variety of items, including raw eggs.
Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Totimorphic structural materials can achieve any shape.
Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Users can download the design files to 3D print and assemble a customizable peristaltic pump.
White Papers: Medical
Understanding Choked Flow of Gases

Medical equipment applications which handle various gas flows often require a precise, repeatable mass flow rate of gas. Our white paper explains the science behind “Choked Flow” or the condition when...

Technology Leaders: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A modular exoskeleton relies on robust connectors.
Products: Software
A thermal cycling calculator, a universal machining center, microdrills, and more.
Products: Motion Control
Open Aperture Voice Coil Stages

Designed for closed loop servo operation, a series of open aperture voice coil stages from Moticont, Van Nuys, CA, include a standard integral quadrature...

Briefs: Design
The ventilators are simpler and cheaper to make than those currently available.
Supplements: Test & Measurement
In our winter edition of the MDB Resource Guide, learn about new cleaning requirements and find the right company to match your medical-design needs.
Products: Materials
Linear stepper stages, tubing, Bluetooth modules, and more.
Features: Software
A robust, optimized mechanical testing program is essential to successful quality control testing.
Products: Test & Measurement
Winners will be announced in Medical Design Briefs and here on
Technology Leaders: Materials
Medical OEMs are increasingly turning to integrated rupture disk assemblies with all components combined by the manufacturer.
Features: Electronics & Computers
Learn about the different material options for balloon catheters.
R&D: Materials
The 3D printable nanocomposite polymeric ink uses carbon nanotubes.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Power entry modules, application processors, proximity testing services, and more.
Products: Materials
Productivity software, ceramic additives, metal powders, and more.
Applications: Design
The products that help stop the spread of communicable diseases range from simple to sophisticated.
Technology Leaders: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Single-use surgical instruments designed to be disposed or recycled following use offer many benefits over reusable products.
Products: Tubing & Extrusion
Lumen chips, force sensors, safety clips, and more.
Applications: Medical
Infiplast, a plastics company for medical devices, was asked to design, prototype, test, and manufacture a critical component for ventilators.

Ask the Expert

Ralph Bright on the Power of Power Cords

Understanding power system components and how to connect them correctly is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and designing successful electrical products for worldwide markets. Interpower’s Ralph Bright defines these requirements and explains how to know which cord to select for your application.

Inside Story

Rapid Precision Prototyping Program Speeds Medtech Product Development

Rapid prototyping technologies play an important role in supporting new product development (NPD) by companies that are working to bring novel and innovative products to market. But in advanced industries where products often make use of multiple technologies, and where meeting a part’s exacting tolerances is essential, speed without precision is rarely enough. In such advanced manufacturing—including the medical device and surgical robotics industries — the ability to produce high-precision prototypes early in the development cycle can be critical for meeting design expectations and bringing finished products to market efficiently.