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Products: Design
The Product of the Month for November 2022.
Products: Design
The manufacturing/assembly equipment Product Focus for November 2022.
INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

A newly developed 3D printing technique could be used to cost-effectively produce customized electronic “machines” the size of insects, enabling advanced applications in robotics, medical...

Briefs: Medical

Surface mount technology (SMT) is widely accepted as the ideal process for electronic products that are compact, lightweight, and high speed. Both...

Technology Leaders: Robotics, Automation & Control

The primary aim for Harmonic Bionics is to empower patients and care providers by designing intelligent technology that facilitated a data-driven treatment protocol...

Products: Medical
Electrolyte tanks, medical servers, lab management software, and more.
R&D: Electronics & Computers
A single-use sensor strip can be used with a circuit board.
Products: Materials
Winners will be announced in Medical Design Briefs and here on
Technology Leaders: Electronics & Computers
With longer lifespans and aging populations worldwide, the need for and importance of dialysis technology will only grow.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
The new design improves the conversion efficiency and power density of the chip.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Power entry modules, application processors, proximity testing services, and more.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The candy was used as an electrode to detect salt and electrolyte levels in saliva.
INSIDER: Medical

Equipped with a color 3D camera, an inertial measurement sensor, and its own on-board computer, a newly improved robotic cane could offer blind and visually impaired users...

Technology Leaders: Electronics & Computers
Small medical electronics are at the forefront of a new round of technology trends involving printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and manufacturing.
Products: Motion Control
A smart function kit, thermoelectric coolers, positioning stages, and more.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
Automation removes the possibility of human error in high-precision or repetitive processes.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
UC San Diego engineers wants to know: How do different parts of the brain communicate with each other during learning and memory formation?
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
The single-chip system is a complete functioning electronic circuit.
Products: Test & Measurement
Medical connectors, servo positioners, SMT jumpers, and more.
Products: Photonics/Optics
Barcode readers, risk-management software, servo drives, and more.
Products: Electronics & Computers
This Arm-based architecture is dedicated to high-performance embedded computing applications.
Products: RF & Microwave Electronics
Embedded antennas, fume hoods, computing nodes, and more.
Features: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
The growing digitalization of healthcare systems is increasing the complexity of the tasks connected devices must fulfill — particularly the handling of highly sensitive data.
Products: Software
CAD software, edge connectors, optical adhesives, and more.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
Detector can identify radioactive isotopes with high resolution.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Single-phase filters, assembly services, sleep=tracking sensors, and more.
Features: Electronics & Computers
Learn about the semiconductor products and capabilities on the market today ideally suited for healthcare devices.
Briefs: Medical
It is essential to incorporate PCBA cleaning into the planning and production of wearables.
Features: Electronics & Computers
EMS providers, contract manufacturers (CMs), and printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators are the strongest link in the supply chain critical for building medical electronics equipment, including ventilators

Ask the Expert

Dan Sanchez on How to Improve Extruded Components

Improving extruded components requires careful attention to a number of factors, including dimensional tolerance, material selection, and processing. Trelleborg’s Dan Sanchez provides detailed insights into each of these considerations to help you advance your device innovations while reducing costs and speeding time to market.

Inside Story

Rapid Precision Prototyping Program Speeds Medtech Product Development

Rapid prototyping technologies play an important role in supporting new product development (NPD) by companies that are working to bring novel and innovative products to market. But in advanced industries where products often make use of multiple technologies, and where meeting a part’s exacting tolerances is essential, speed without precision is rarely enough. In such advanced manufacturing—including the medical device and surgical robotics industries — the ability to produce high-precision prototypes early in the development cycle can be critical for meeting design expectations and bringing finished products to market efficiently.