Junkosha’s 1.8:1 Translucent PHST allow for the easy addition of complex shapes and constructs to be added to the catheter. (Credit: Junkosha)

Materials specialist Junkosha has unveiled its latest catheter-based innovation, the 1.8:1 shrink ratio Translucent PHST solution, at the MD&M West. The new product is designed to offer catheter manufacturers enhanced versatility to complete intricate bonding and welding applications, resulting in improved overall efficiencies.

The PHST solution is ideal for the manufacture of interventional medical devices such as micro-catheters due to its simplicity in removal. Conventional skiving techniques often fail to work on smaller reflowed catheters, causing the catheter to be damaged and therefore rendered useless. However, products like Junkosha’s 1.8:1 Translucent PHST allow for the easy addition of complex shapes and constructs to be added to the catheter, simplifying the manufacturing process and increasing efficiency. This leads to a more streamlined and cost-effective production of intricate catheter builds.

“Our latest PHST products offer a streamlined workflow solution to catheter manufacturers, helping to improve efficiency on the product line,” says Caroline Herdman, global product dpecialist for Junkosha. “By eliminating the need to skive the heat shrink material from the catheter after the construction process, our PHST technology significantly reduces both the time required to take this step and also the chance of damaging the underlying catheter. It also reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for catheter manufacturers, by helping them to produce the final product quickly which results in improved yields and lower inspection levels.”

In addition, the process of catheter construction requires absolute precision, leaving no room for error. “The final step, which involves removing the recovered FEP heat shrink from the outer shaft, is often the most laborious and critical,” says Steve Maxson, innovation and business development manager for US Extruders. “Junkosha's PHST solutions simplify this step by requiring just a single slit to start the peeling process, making it effortless to remove the tubing from the catheter without damaging the underlying catheter resulting in higher yields. In addition, Junkosha is renowned for its exceptional service. They not only listen to their customers' needs but also provide a seamless experience, ensuring no surprises and ultimately delivering the completed solution on time and to budget.”