Low-Voltage Medical Connector

Fischer Connectors, Saint-Prex, Switzerland, has released new low-voltage multipole connectors for medical devices. The First Mate Last Break (FMLB) connectors are designed to ensure the permanent ground presence of an electrical system through a longer pin in the plug that “mates first and breaks last” with the system's receptacle to avoid risky electrical safety conditions. The connectors are available in two sizes (size 104 with a 15 mm diameter plug and size 1031 with a 13 mm diameter plug) and three mixed low-voltage configurations. The connectors and associated cable assemblies are IP68 sealed, resist autoclave sterilization and corrosion (1,000 hours of salt mist, 5% salt solution, 35 °C), and offer long lasting life-cycles with 10,000 mating cycles. Rugged keying and locking systems ensure safe connections at all times.

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