Surgical Motors

The CNT1530 motor controller

Portescap, Morristown, NJ, offers surgical motors that are designed to withstand 3,000+ autoclave cycles. The motors and controllers include the CNT1530 sterilizable motor controller for surgical hand tools and new additions to its line of Ultra EC™ brushless DC motors. With electronics and software encapsulated in a single enclosure, the CNT1530 provides simplified system integration. Compatible with typical NiMH and LiOn battery voltages, it features 20 A of continuous current and can be paired with the company’s brushless DC slotted surgical motors. The motors deliver minimal joule and iron losses while maintaining maximum power, thanks to a proprietary U coil design. MD&M West, Booth 3379

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HMI and Power Solutions

A human-machine interface unit from Schurter

Schurter, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, has introduced a human-machine interface unit, which includes a projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP) line. Designed to meet the needs of the medical industry, the water-resistant multi-touch screens feature optical bonding. The company has also expanded it TTS touchless switch series and smart connectors, as well as its power entry module range, to include an IP54 IEC appliance inlet, which mates with V-Lock cordsets. MD&M West, Booth 2213

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CAD/CAM Software Suite

hyperMILL® MAXX Machining provides three modules for roughing, drilling, and finish milling.

OPEN MIND Technologies, Needham, MA, offers medical manufacturers programming in applications for 2.5D, 3D, and 5-axis machining in prototype and production manufacturing, especially when maximum speed, precision, and flexibility are critical. The hyperMILL® MAXX Machining provides three modules for roughing, drilling, and finish milling on complex 5-axis components. It enables high-performance cutting, including in challenging materials such as titanium and stainless-steel alloys. Enabling uninterrupted cutting, the hyperMILL 3D and 5-axis equidistant finishing for machining surfaces with a uniform 3D infeed results in very fine surface finishes when used in combination with high-precision surface mode and smooth overlap techniques. MD&M West, Booth 2977

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Electronic Valves Brochure

The Clippard brochure

A new brochure from Clippard, Cincinnati, OH, features 10- and 15-mm miniature electronic valves. Plunger-style solenoid valves provide fast response times. The designs are commonly utilized in applications where mounting multiple valves on a manifold together reduce the number of fittings, overall package size, and total cost. Features include two- and three-way normally open or normally closed functions; multiple voltages, connection styles, and sizes; and standard, high flow, and latching models. The valves are customizable and CE and RoHS compliant. MD&M West, Booth 1948

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Adjustable Keeper

The NAS1637 adjustable keeper

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, St. Augustine, FL, has launched an adjustable keeper with mounting block. An upgrade to its NAS1637 Adjustable Keeper, the new version of the product includes upgraded materials and finishes and other additional features that exceed the performance and user experience of built-to-spec NAS1637 keepers. The design includes a mounting block that allows for installation on standard ARINC 404 trays while maximizing the adjustment range of the keeper. Structural anodized aluminum construction provides minimal concerns for galvanic corrosion compared to the to-spec design. Lockwire holes allow for use of 0.032 in. diameter lock wire to prevent rotation of assembly when LRU is not installed. MD&M West, Booth 1929

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Flow Sensors

A flow sensor from Sensirion

Flow sensors that provide highly accurate and reliable measurements of gas and respiratory flows to and from the patient are available from Sensirion, Stäfa, Switzerland. The sensors work using the company’s CMOSens® Technology, which combines sensor element and evaluation electronics in a single chip. The flow sensors are built into the hose system of the MEDUMAT Standard² ventilator from Weinmann Emergency. The sensor measures the volume being inhaled and exhaled by patients, allowing the noninvasive ventilation, among other things, to be optimized. Such ventilation systems are used in hospitals and are particularly gentle on the lungs. With the MEDUMAT Standard² ventilator, this lung-protecting ventilation can be continued even during transport. MD&M West, Booth 2046

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High-Speed Inspection System

The FlawSense system

LaserLinc, Fairborn, OH, has launched a high-speed, online inspection and measurement system. The FlawSense system allows manufacturers to detect surface defects that may arise during the manufacturing process and to correct the process to eliminate these. The system tracks the defects so that these sections of product can be rejected, thus ensuring end customers receive perfect, within specification product. The system also provides highly accurate measurement of tube diameter and ovality. The system allows flaws only 5 μm across to be detected, some 10 times better resolution than camera-based systems. MD&M West, Booth 2951

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Polymer Tubing

Polymer tubing from Confluent Medical

High-precision polymer tubing is available from Confluent Medical, Scottsdale, AZ. The company has opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Chattanooga, TN. Capabilities of the new site include PTFE liners with optional tie layers, polyimide tubing, multi-layer composite tubing (braided and non-braided), and coated wire. Lead time varies based on quantity and construction. According to the company, the polymer tubing technology strengthens its vertically integrated supply chain by offering thin-walled, tightly tolerance engineered tubing. MD&M West, Booth 1812

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