Extrusion, Coextrusion, Microextrusion

Find the latest advancements in the extrusion, coextrusion, and microextrusion bioprinting processes. Extrusion methods are being applied to bioceramic production, plastic extrusion, and the manufacture of components for resorbable and implantable medical devices, including bioresorbable stents, and drug delivery.

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Minimally Invasive, Maximally Innovative: Polymer Science and Extrusion Plays Vital Role

William “Bill” Cook started Cook Medical out of a spare bedroom in his Bloomington, IN, apartment in 1963. It was where he and his wife, Gayle, made guide wires, guiding catheters, and other small devices used in diagnostic radiology.

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Automatic Concentricity Adjustment System for Medical Tubing

Stringent product quality and process capability requirements confront producers of precision medical tubing used in medical device applications. This includes final tubing physical properties, such as burst strength, elongation, and lubricity. Medical tubing must also be free from...

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Tri-Layer Co-Extrusion Catalog

Interface Catheter Solutions, Laguna Niguel, CA, introduces an online tri-layer co-extrusion catalog to order tubing. The catalog offers extrusion for .014" guide wire for peripheral dilatation catheters along with minimally invasive catheters with varying inner and outer diameters to accommodate a standard size...

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Medical Device Market Pushes the Limits of Tubing

Medical device manufacturers are being challenged by strong market demand for tubing that delivers increased functionality, lower profiles, and lower costs—pushing the limits of material behavior and manufacturing science. Next-generation balloon catheters are expected to deliver significantly...

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Tubing Products and Processing

Judson A. Smith Co., Boyertown, PA, a leading manufacturer of precision, custom tubular parts and machined components in most materials, specializes in fabricating tubular parts and assemblies used in a wide range of applications, with emphasis on products for minimally invasive surgery. Fabrication processes...

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Extrusion and Catheter Technologies Revolutionize Medical Device Design

Advancements in medical technology and material science have created new engineering challenges for medical devices used in minimally invasive interventional procedures. Medical device companies are making devices that are smaller (less invasive), more complex, and...

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Product Development is Key Asset for Mold Manufacturers

Development of medical devices that are molded from thermoplastics or that have plastic components should begin with collaboration between the OEM’s engineering team and the mold manufacturer. While 3D solid modeling, as well as other forms of developing plastic components, can be useful...

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Using Proprietary Solvent Technology to Swell Silicone

While silicone is the obvious material of choice in many medical applications because of its excellent biocompatibility, its physical properties make it challenging to work with. Design engineers, especially those who work with medical devices, know the difficulties of connecting flexible...

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Silicone Elastomers

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (Akron, OH) has announced the launch of its HCR (high consistency rubber) product line – Sil-X-Shin™ Silicone Elastomers, which are designed for extruded tubing and profiles. The platinum, addition-cure series is designed for use in healthcare applications. The elastomers are available in a...

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The Cool Future of UV Curable Silicone Extrusion

Silicone elastomers are high-performance thermoset materials broadly used in diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, and health care. They are recognized for their unique combination of properties, including high heat resistance, physiological inertness,...

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Silicone Sealing Solutions

Apple Rubber Products (Lancaster, NY) offers medical silicone seals that feature resistance to UV light, ozone, and weather; hydrophobic properties; temperature range of -94 °F to 400 °F; dimensional stability in adverse conditions; and resistance to long-term compression set. The company also offers medical-grade...

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UV Curable Silicone Rubber

Momentive Performance Materials (Columbus, OH) has introduced the Addisil UV 60 EX elastomer for medical applications where lower temperatures during manufacturing and typical silicone rubber physical properties are both mandatory. The elastomer has minimal shrinkage and reduced air entrapment when compared to heat...

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Custom Melt Filtration

PolyMedex Discovery Group (Putnam, CT) offers custom melt filtration of polymers used for catheters and balloons. The custom melt filtration process results in removal of gels as small as 20 μm (0.0008"). Melt filtration is performed on a custom basis with materials including nylons, urethanes, and Pebax thermoplastic...

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Thermally Conductive Silicone

The MED-2955 from NuSil (Carpinteria, CA) is designed to have low volatility and low ionic content for more sensitive electronic devices or processes. It is non-cytotoxic and can be used as a cure-in-place adhesive or potting compound between electrical/electric components and heat sinks as part of a thermal...

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Antimicrobial Multipolymer Compound

Evonik (Parsippany, NJ) has introduced CYROLITE® Protect, an acrylic-based multipolymer compound that has been developed for medical devices that include antimicrobial agents. It is designed for FDA regulated Class I or Class II medical devices, and well suited for Luer connectors, spikes, Y-sites, check...

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Etch-Free EFEP Co-Extrusion

Teleflex Medical OEM (Kenosha, WI) has introduced an EFEP co-extrusion that eliminates the need for etching. The co-extrusion offers chemical resistance and high clarity for applications where transparency is important. EFEP (perfluorinated ethylene-propylene copolymer) can be co-extruded with polyamide- or PEBA-type...

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Silicone Coating

NuSil Technology (Carpinteria, CA) has introduced MED-6670, a curable coating that decreases the coefficient of friction of a cured silicone surface by a minimum of 50 percent when compared to a non-coated silicone surface. This two- part, low-coefficient of friction silicone coating is dispersed in xylene. Once cured, the...

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Silicone Solutions for Lubrication in Medical Applications

For over 50 years, silicones have been used extensively in the design and manufacture of medical devices intended for short- and long-term human implantation. Silicone’s overwhelming success in the healthcare arena is not only due to its proven bio-inertness, but also to silicone...

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Medical Device Silicones

Henkel Corp. (Rocky Hill, CT) has released singlecomponent light- and moisture-curing silicone adhesives for use on medical devices that incorporate silicone materials or require flexible bond joints or coatings. The adhesives cure within 30 seconds on exposure to a suitable UV/visible light source. They eliminate part...

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Bump or Tapered Tubing

Microspec has extruded bump tubing since 1990 and is recognized as an industry leader in multi-lumen bump extrusions. Bump extrusion technology has enabled designers to shrink distal dimensions while maximizing the functionality at the proximal end. Microspec led the industry with its development and introduction of micro multi-lumen bump extrusions.

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