Extrusion, Coextrusion, Microextrusion

Find the latest advancements in the extrusion, coextrusion, and microextrusion bioprinting processes. Extrusion methods are being applied to bioceramic production, plastic extrusion, and the manufacture of components for resorbable and implantable medical devices, including bioresorbable stents, and drug delivery.

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Package Engineering for Sterilization

After years of research and development, surveys and polls, functional device testing, and countless other preparatory actions, your medical device is almost ready to go to market. You have determined...

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Pre-Engineered Fluid Control: The Next Breakthrough in Dental System Design

A design engineer at a dental equipment company is handed a challenging assignment. The firm’s development team must devise a suite of products that includes a...

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Considerations for Specifying Ultra-Engineering Polymers for Extruded Medical Applications – Part 2

With the shift in the medical industry to more minimally invasive, quicker, and more effective procedures, the goal is to minimize patient...

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Biocompatibility Evaluation of Breathing Medical Devices: Understanding ISO 18652

Traditionally, toxicologists and biocompatibility experts considered the materials in breathing gas pathways as external communicating devices and evaluated...

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Making the Gas Assist Plastic Molding Process Work for Medical Applications

Gas assist molding offers a variety of process and design advantages for medical equipment applications. It produces parts that are smooth and extremely cleanable,...

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Every Drop Counts: Designing Motors to Optimize Home and Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

To reduce total cost of care, healthcare providers are increasingly turning toward home and ambulatory infusion pumps to free the patient from the hospital...

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Considerations for Specifying Ultra-Engineering Polymers for Extruded Medical Applications – Part 1

There has been a profound shift is taking place in the medical industry of more minimally invasive, quicker, and more-effective procedures....

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Designing for Mechanical and Signal Integrity in Handheld Medical Treatment Applications

Handheld medical devices must perform across a wide range of device specifications and end-user environmental conditions. Mechanical and signal...

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New Products and Services: December 2017 Medical Design Briefs

Silicone Extrusion Equipment

Rosendahl, Pischelsdorf, Austria, offers a line of silicone extrusion equipment designed to provide high flexibility and low scrap rates. The RN-Z sili-cone extrusion line can perform 24/7 at high speeds. Lines are available for conductor cross...

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Optimizing Performance and Value of Medical Devices with the Right Plastic Processing Technology

Engineering thermoplastics are widely used to manufacture a broad range of medical devices, from single-use syringes and applicators to...

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Molecular Thermostat Makes Heaters Simpler, Safer and More Stable

Many medical applications require heat for optimal performance. For patient comfort, effective treatment, and a variety of diagnostic processes, equipment and fluids must be raised to, or kept at, specific operating temperatures. Medical heating applications can have strict...

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Choosing the Right Fluid Dispensing Pump

Choosing the right fluid dispensing pump for a given application is critical. Whether it’s accuracy and precision or the need to perform for millions of cycles, understanding the most suitable types of pumps available is the first step. This article describes several pumps commonly used for medical...

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Advanced Machining and Automation Reduce Medical Device Tubing Costs

In order to stay competitive in today’s medical device marketplace, it is imperative that companies continually invest in the latest technologies to ensure that they...

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How Microdispensing Technology Is Changing Medical Device Manufacturing

A revolution is upon us. Dispense pump technology innovation is quickly bringing improved accuracy, capability, and versatility to medical device manufacturers. This revolution not only opens the doors to creating production processes that were once unimaginable, but also...

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A Multilayered Approach to Extruded Tubing

Along with cost savings, coextrusion technology offers improved functionality in new tubing products. This article explores how this micro-dimensional tubing is currently being used to meet...

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NPI/Medical Invests Over $1 million in Molding, Quality Equipment

NPI/Medical, Ansonia, CT, has has invested more than $1 million in molding and quality equipment in the past few months to enable accelerated product development and faster speed-to-market for its medical device, life sciences, and healthcare customers, according to the...

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Maintaining Quality and Efficiency of Extrusion Tooling

Today's machining tolerances are held extremely close on multilumen and multi-layer medical tubing through the use of state-of-the-art production equipment and processes. Any misalignment of the tools may be exaggerated in the final product output.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics in Extrusion Tooling

Applying fluid dynamic principles to extrusion tooling design benefits any medical device company involved with continuous extrusion. Benefits include improved product tolerances, reduced...

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Researchers 'Stretch' Limits of Elastomers

Researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design's Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre have developed UV-curable elastomers that can be stretched by up to 1100%. The 3D-printing process supports the fabrication of soft actuators and robots, flexible electronics, and acoustic...

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Silicone Pump Segments for Medication and Feeding Pumps

They are vitally important, make therapy possible, and they have become an integral part in hospitals or home-care settings: medication and feeding pumps supply patients with essential medication and nutrition. It is not only the right electronic and mechanical components that are crucial...

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Yale Startup 'Advances' Guidewire Placement

A device from Yale University researchers aims to simplify the process of placing a central venous catheter, or central line, in patients. The Ballistra Guidewire Advancer allows the physician to insert a guidewire with one hand and continuously monitor the location of the needle tip via ultrasound....

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Technological Advancements and Industry Trends in the Medical Extrusion Market

In an increasingly volatile and complex market environment, adaptability becomes essential to success and business growth for today’s medical extruder. Basic to...

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2 New AAMI Standards to Prevent Tubing Misconnections

AAMI, the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, is leading the small-bore connectors initiative, an international effort to decrease tubing misconnections and increase patient safety. Recently, AAMI has released two additional standards focusing on how to design...

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Conductive Extrusion Compounds

RTP Company, Winona, MN, has expanded its line of conductive compounds to include those specifically designed for extrusion processes and applications. Produced on dedicated manufacturing equipment designed for the highest level of uniform carbon black dispersion, these Conductive Extrusion Compounds provide...

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Small Quantity/High Mix Tubing Offers Value to R&D Facilities

In the US, many high-volume tubing suppliers have moved production facilities overseas to low-cost producers like China or Mexico. Minimum buys are now the rule, leaving many US manufacturers with a quandary—how to get small quantities of a wide variety of tubing needed for research...

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Tips for Medical Device Tubing Selection

Determining what tubing to use in a medical device involves considerable research. Designers must investigate ingredients, performance, documentation requirements, sterility, and other qualifying aspects that cannot be disregarded.

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Minimally Invasive, Maximally Innovative: Polymer Science and Extrusion Plays Vital Role

William “Bill” Cook started Cook Medical out of a spare bedroom in his Bloomington, IN, apartment in 1963. It was where he and his wife, Gayle, made guide wires, guiding catheters, and other small devices used in diagnostic radiology.

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Automatic Concentricity Adjustment System for Medical Tubing

Stringent product quality and process capability requirements confront producers of precision medical tubing used in medical device applications. This includes final tubing physical properties, such as burst strength, elongation, and lubricity. Medical tubing must also be free from...

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Tri-Layer Co-Extrusion Catalog

Interface Catheter Solutions, Laguna Niguel, CA, introduces an online tri-layer co-extrusion catalog to order tubing. The catalog offers extrusion for .014" guide wire for peripheral dilatation catheters along with minimally invasive catheters with varying inner and outer diameters to accommodate a standard size...

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Medical Device Market Pushes the Limits of Tubing

Medical device manufacturers are being challenged by strong market demand for tubing that delivers increased functionality, lower profiles, and lower costs—pushing the limits of material behavior and manufacturing science. Next-generation balloon catheters are expected to deliver significantly...


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