A tactile perception system provides human-like multimodal tactile information to objects like robots and wearable devices that require tactile data in real time. The research team developed a real-time and multi-modal tactile detection system by mimicking the principle by which various types of tactile information is perceived by a variety of sensory receptors in the human skin and is transmitted to the brain in real time.

The system consists of four three-dimensionally stacked tactile sensors, a signal processing/transmission module, and an analysis module. The system has successfully distinguished various types of tactile stimuli and surface textures and furthermore differentiated complex motion in real time.

Four types of tactile sensors, each of which detects temperature, vibration, shear force, and vertical pressure, are laminated in a 3D structure based on 3D flexible electrode printing process technology. At the same time, these sensors are connected to the flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) of the electronic module for signal processing and transmission, thereby easily transmitting signal-processed tactile information through the corresponding FPCB connection terminal. (Image credit: Korea Institute of Machinery)

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