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MEG Technology Improves Diagnosis of Epilepsy

Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, has taken a major step toward development of next-generation magnetoencephalography (MEG) that could significantly reduce the cost of MEG systems and...

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New Patch Aims to Turn Energy-Storing Fats into Energy-Burning Fats

A new system combines a new way to deliver drugs, via a micro-needle patch, with drugs that are known to turn energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat. This...

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Hydrogels Release Therapeutics in Response to Environmental Triggers

Scientists have built and tested a new biomaterial-based delivery system — known as a hydrogel — that will encase a desired cargo and dissolve to release its freight only when specific physiological conditions are met.

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UK Trials Begin for Optogenetics Combined with a Stimulation Device

GenSight Biologics, a Paris-based biopharma company focused on discovering and developing innovative gene therapies for retinal neurodegenerative diseases and central nervous system disorders, will begin clinical trials of its GS030 in patients with Retinitis pigmentosa (RP)....

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Every Drop Counts: Designing Motors to Optimize Home and Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

To reduce total cost of care, healthcare providers are increasingly turning toward home and ambulatory infusion pumps to free the patient from the hospital...

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Pain-Free Skin Patch for Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers have devised an innovative biochemical formula of mineralized compounds that interacts in the bloodstream to regulate blood sugar for days at a time. In a proof-of-concept study performed with mice, the researchers showed that the biochemically formulated patch of dissolvable...

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Injectable Gel Helps Heart Muscle Regenerate after a Heart Attack

After a heart attack, there is a dramatic loss of heart muscle cells, known as cardiomyocytes, and those that survive cannot effectively replicate. Researchers have demonstrated a new approach to restart replication: an injectable gel that slowly releases short gene sequences...

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Synthetic Hydrogels Deliver Cells to Repair Intestinal Injuries

By combining engineered polymeric materials known as hydrogels with complex intestinal tissue known as organoids— made from human pluripotent stem cells — researchers have...

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Combining Machine and Nanoparticles for Better Transplant Outcomes

By combining the use of drug-carrying nanoparticles with an organ-preserving machine, researchers have developed a procedure that could help improve long-term outcomes for transplant recipients.

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Light-Triggered Nanopill Could Transform Medicine

Plasmonic nanovesicles can navigate the bloodstream, and, when hit with a quick pulse of laser light, change shape to release their contents. It can then exit the body, leaving only the desired package.

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Plastic Nanoparticles Inspired by Nature Could Improve Cancer Drug Delivery

Scientists have developed a way to control the shape of polymer molecules so that they self-assemble into nonspherical nanoparticles — an advance that could improve the delivery of toxic drugs to tumors.

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Nanogel Capsule Helps Cardiac Stem Cells

Cardiac stem cell therapy is a promising treatment for damaged hearts. However, researchers are still working on two major issues with the therapy – how to keep the stem cells in place and how to prevent rejection when the stem cells are not from the patient’s own body. A new approach may solve both...

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Polymeric System Uses Glucose to Deliver Drugs to the Brain
University College London
London, UK

A new drug-delivery system that autonomously navigates the body using its own glucose molecules has been developed and tested by a UCL-led team of scientists.

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How Microdispensing Technology Is Changing Medical Device Manufacturing

A revolution is upon us. Dispense pump technology innovation is quickly bringing improved accuracy, capability, and versatility to medical device manufacturers. This revolution not only opens the doors to creating production processes that were once unimaginable, but also...

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A Medical First: Micromotors Help Treat Bacterial Infection

Nanoengineers have demonstrated for the first time the use of micromotors to treat a bacterial infection in the stomach. These tiny vehicles, each about half the width of a human hair, swim rapidly throughout the stomach while neutralizing gastric acid and then release their cargo of...

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Smart Pump: Small but Powerful

In the future, a smart phone with an inbuilt gas sensor could be used to warn of heavy exposure. To help the sensor respond quickly and provide accurate measurements, researchers have developed a powerful micro diaphragm pump for delivering ambient air to the sensor.

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Hydrogel Material Improves Success of Transplanting Islet Cells

Combining a new hydrogel material with a protein that boosts blood vessel growth could improve the success rate for transplanting insulin-producing islet cells into persons with...

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Drug-Loaded Collagen Scaffolds Prevent Implant Infection

A study led by scientists from the Regenerative, Modular, and Developmental Engineering Laboratory (REMODEL) and the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research in Medical Devices,...

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New Gel Coatings May Lead to Better Catheters

A new gel-like material can be coated onto standard plastic or rubber devices, providing a softer, more slippery exterior that can significantly ease a patient’s discomfort. The coating can even be tailored to monitor and treat signs of infection.

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Drug-Delivery Systems: Building in Reliability

Systems that deliver medication — whether implanted or at the patient bedside in the hospital — are often vital for the survival of patients. Drug-delivery devices include ambulatory infusion pumps, patch pumps for insulin delivery, linear peristaltic pumps, rotary peristaltic pumps, and tiny...

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Wet-Tolerant Adhesive Patch Inspired by Octopi

Researchers have developed an artificial, biologically inspired, reversible wet/dry adhesion system that is based on the dome-like protuberances found in the suction cups of octopi. To mimic the architecture of these protuberances, they use a simple, solution-based, air-trap technique that involves...

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MW Industries Launches Medical-Focused Company

MW Industries, Rosemont, IL, has launched MW Industries Medical Solutions to help address the specific needs of medical devices and other healthcare products. The newly formed company brings together four MW Industries divisions under one umbrella brand. The business units — Economy Spring,...

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Smaller, Softer, Better Brain Implants

Many diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, can be treated with electrical stimulation from an electrode implanted in the brain. Researchers have now demonstrated that making these electrodes much smaller can essentially eliminate scarring, potentially allowing the devices to remain in the brain for...

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Wireless Power Could Enable Ingestible Electronics

Researchers have devised a way to wirelessly power small electronic devices that can linger in the digestive tract indefinitely after being swallowed. Such devices could be used to sense...

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Complex Nanoparticle Crystal Could Deliver Therapeutics

The most complex crystal designed and built from nanoparticles has been reported by researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Michigan. The work demonstrates that...

Briefs : Nanotechnology
Nanoparticle Technology Enhances Effectiveness of Radiotherapy

The nanoscale is creating a massive paradigm shift. Referring to structures of between 1 and 100 nm, the nanoscale is marked as the point where the properties of a material...

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Coating Method Could Improve Temporary Implants

A strategy for coating complicated surfaces with biodegradable polymers has been pioneered by a team of researchers. It could enable development of coatings for implants that dissolve in the body, such as drugs to improve healing. Until now, it was impossible to take a suture that biodegrades and...

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Tiny Magnetic Implant Offers New Drug-Delivery Method

Researchers have developed a magnetic drug implant that could offer an alternative for patients struggling with numerous pills or intravenous injections. The device, a silicone sponge with magnetic carbonyl iron particles wrapped in a round polymer layer, measures just 6 mm in diameter. The...

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Researchers Grow Stem Cells on a Chip

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) hold great promise for cell-based therapies, regenerative medicine, drug screening, and other uses in medicine and health. A team of researchers from Kyoto University has developed a chip-like plate on which hPSCs can be raised in optimal, 3D conditions.

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Advanced Sealing Technology Enables the Next Generation of Insulin Delivery Devices

Diabetes is not only one of the most common chronic diseases, it is also complex and difficult to treat. Insulin is often administered between meals to keep blood sugar within target range and at mealtimes based on the number of carbohydrates to be ingested. A...


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