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Immerse yourself in the world of eco-conscious innovation at the Sustainability Lounge, a dynamic learning hub hosted in partnership with Guacamole Airplane (GA)....

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By choosing specialty thermoplastics, device manufacturers can help reduce the environmental impact of their products while gaining plastic's well-known benefits of expanded design freedom and streamlined, high-volume production of parts compared to metal alternatives.
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How to Select the Proper Pin for Your Application

Designers should determine the type of pin they are going to use early in the design stage of the project. The most important step in selecting the proper type of pin is to evaluate the...

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As this article was being written, it came to light that the EU MDR is reconsidering banning fluoropolymers and, namely, PFAS. This is due in large part to industry pressure, according to a recent article. The final outcome remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. Read to find out what.
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Raumedic AG, Helmbrechts, Germany, has published its first sustainability report based on the internationally recognized standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report relates to...

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In today’s world, many consumers are demanding that brands and corporations become more sustainable and make a dedicated effort to reduce their carbon footprint. This has led...

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In reshaping the world toward a new, post-pandemic normal, the industry must leverage digital transformation at an accelerated pace. This shift is already happening — according to...

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Global Innovations: Packaging & Sterilization
A team has successfully developed a method for disinfecting PPE so it can be reused or safely recycled.
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Chemists are studying shellfish to develop new, safer, and more sustainable adhesives for a variety of uses, including bandages and other medical applications.
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Researchers have transformed copper nanowires into metal foams that could be used in facemasks and air filtration systems. The foams filter efficiently and...

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Cadence, Inc. has been awarded a bronze medal for sustainability from EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings. Cadence’s rating is derived from...

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A new research effort aims to improve manufacturing of rapidly deployed structures in order to address future shortages of medical care and quarantine facilities. This...

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The potential implications of additive manufacturing (AM) have excited the imagination. Popularly known as 3D printing, the emerging class of technologies has...

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Cold forming, or cold forging, is becoming a more popular option for manufacturing precision engineered miniature and micro surgical and medical components. 1...

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Polylactic acid, or PLA, is a biodegradable polymer commonly used to make medical implants and drug delivery systems. Brown University researchers have shown that by treating PLA at...

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TECHNOLOGY LEADERS: Materials/Coatings/Adhesives

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern among consumers and businesses. Like other industries, the healthcare sector is engaged in...

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First Medical Device Reprocessing Training Program

Clemson University, Clemson, SC, has established the first program to train engineers to recycle and reprocess medical devices. Medical device reprocessing was identified as a core component of green technology, so in response, the university’s Biomedical Engineering Innovation Campus...

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Aidex 2011 Innovation Challenge

Aidexpo wrote: The Aid Innovation Challenge is a competition to find inventions that will be beneficial to supplying humanitarian aid around the globe. 2011 winners: Business entry - Leaf Supply with their LeafBed Individual entry - Claire Louise Barrie with MedAlert The challenge was open to various design...

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Ralph Bright on the Power of Power Cords
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Understanding power system components and how to connect them correctly is critical to meeting regulatory requirements and designing successful electrical products for worldwide markets. Interpower’s Ralph Bright defines these requirements and explains how to know which cord to select for your application.

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Inside Story: Selecting and Implementing Automation Solutions
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To find out more about selecting and implementing automation solutions, MDB recently spoke with Dave McMorrow, Technical Director, MMT Automation and Michael Wall, Technical Director, Somex Automation, an MMT company.