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Features: Manufacturing & Prototyping
See how ultrasonic welding technology is being widely used in nonwoven PPE production.
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Briefs: Design

An at-home Pap smear test is designed to reduce anxiety associated with the procedure and give women more control over their health without interfering with their work or social life. The Domi Care,...

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Briefs: Medical

A team of electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering students at Rice University, calling itself Carpal Diem, has developed a testing suite to validate how well 3D-printed prosthetic hands...

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Features: Regulations/Standards

Many medical devices, both existing and new designs, are laser-based. For some time, lasers have been designed into medical devices from...

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Features: IoMT

Medical device companies typically have a complex supply chain bringing products to market. Within their four walls, there are usually multiple...

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Features: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Managing the environmental and regulatory performance of products is an increasingly complicated challenge for medical device manufacturers who face a myriad of requirements from...

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Ask the Expert

Eric Dietsch on the Benefits of Nitinol Wire
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In collaboration with the Fort Wayne Metals Engineering team, Eric Dietsch focuses on supporting customers with material recommendations, product development, and education. Eric is available to help you and your company with any Nitinol-related questions or needs that you may have.

Inside Story

Inside Story: Ensuring Reusable Devices Are Safe for the Next Patient
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To find out more about the expertise required to establish safe processes for cleaning and disinfecting reusable medical devices, MDB recently spoke with Elizabeth Sydnor, Director of Microbiology Medical Device Testing, Eurofins Medical Device Testing (Lancaster, PA).