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R&D: Materials
Instead of using toxic chemicals or optical masks for patterning, a research team used laser direct patterning technology to form laser-induced graphene (LIG) on e-textiles and successfully manufactured graphene-based e-textiles.
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Global Innovations: Sensors/Data Acquisition
University of Texas at Austin,
Austin, TX
Seoul National University,
Seoul, South Korea

Scientists report they have...

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Ask the Expert

John Chandler on Achieving Quality Motion Control
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FAULHABER MICROMO brings together the highest quality motion technologies and value-added services, together with global engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing, to deliver top quality micro motion solutions. With 34 years’ experience, John Chandler injects a key engineering perspective into all new projects and enjoys working closely with OEM customers to bring exciting new technologies to market.

Inside Story

Inside Story: Ensuring Reusable Devices Are Safe for the Next Patient
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To find out more about the expertise required to establish safe processes for cleaning and disinfecting reusable medical devices, MDB recently spoke with Elizabeth Sydnor, Director of Microbiology Medical Device Testing, Eurofins Medical Device Testing (Lancaster, PA).