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White Paper: Aerospace

Passivation, Pickling or Electropolishing: Which Metal Finishing Process Is Right for Your Parts?


Passivation, pickling, and electropolishing are common metal finishing techniques – but not all finishing methods are created equal. In our latest guide, we explain the benefits of each, how the processes differ, and how to determine which process is right for your parts.

Microcracks, burrs, and other surface defects left behind by the machining and welding process pose a threat to the fit, function, and finish of critical metal parts across industries. While passivation, pickling, and electropolishing all offer improved finish, they do not provide identical results. Metal alloy, intricacy of the part, industry application, and more can impact the choice of metal finishing process.

In our latest guide, you will learn:

  • Why electropolishing is more effective than other methods
  • Complete breakdown of the differences between passivation, pickling and electropolishing
  • How to determine what process is right for your parts, and more

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