Tech Talks: Medical

How to Improve Device Service Lifetime Through Advanced Material Science


In the early stages of design, engineers have the challenging task of finding which material will lead to the best working solution. This 10-minute Tech Talk examines how to accelerate and extend the service life of medical devices without compromising on the cost of manufacturing. It also discusses the best materials for cutting-edge designs.


Bedros Taslakian, Design Engineering Manager, Omniseal Solutions™

Bedros Taslakian, a Design Engineering Manager, has worked for Omniseal Solutions™ in management roles for more than 25 years, including QA, R&D, and design engineering management. Bedros provides engineering management oversight for application design and development. He also assists and provides expertise for design, material selection, and project planning. In addition, he provides leadership and guidance to the engineering team to ensure departmental conformance to ISO requirements. He also works closely with R&D teams globally to integrate the latest technology into designs. Bedros has both master’s and bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Dayton.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE Media Group

About Omniseal Solutions™

For over 65 years, Saint-Gobain has supplied the life sciences industry with proprietary plastic solutions, custom design parts, and application testing to provide superior properties in sealing, low friction (including dry running), high speed, high pressure/vacuum, miniaturization, and harsh chemical resistance. Omniseal Solutions™ is a company within the Saint-Gobain family. Its flexibility of options, thanks to the expertise of its global engineering and manufacturing locations, make it one of the leaders in its field.

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