Tech Talks: Medical

Fiber Extrusion for Medical Devices 201: How Melt Spinning Works


As implantable medical devices become more advanced, fiber extrusion experts must continue to innovate to meet the increasingly critical requirements for polymer-derived fibers and yarns used for textile components. Going beyond the core principles of fiber extrusion technology, this Tech Talk explores the advanced processes and equipment used in melt spinning, the most common method of fiber extrusion used to produce custom or off-the-shelf medical fibers and yarns.

Topics include:

  • How extrusion experts produce high-tenacity fibers and continuous filaments and yarns from polymers
  • How experts use techniques such as heating, cooling, drawing, speed control, liquid spinning, and finishing to achieve the desired properties of a medical fiber

The presentation concludes with a discussion on innovations in shaped fibers for medical applications.


Mevlut Tascan, Ph.D., Biomaterials Engineering and Innovation Manager, Secant Group, LLC


Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media