Tech Talks: Automotive

An Advanced Solution for Hydrodynamic Film Challenges


Seals are responsible for nearly one-quarter of all lost mechanical energy in traditional transmissions, and manufacturers have increasingly turned to new low-friction transmission seals to save fuel, lower emissions, and extend the operating life of industrial powertrains. This 20-minute Tech Talk examines the next generation of these innovative axial thrust washers, which feature a “scoop” design to address the challenges associated with limited or splash lubrication.

The effectiveness of the new scoop design is apparent when comparing it with traditional thrust washers. The patent-pending polymeric thrust washers have nine times the pumping ability and three times the critical speed.

The new technology was developed with proprietary hydrodynamic lubrication models that predict fluid pressure and film generation and allow engineers to optimize the design of the washer’s surface grooves. The new groove designs push lubrication under the thrust washer and enable the system to function at higher critical speeds and pressures with improved performance.


Ray L. Szparagowski, Technical Director, Automotive and HPP, Global Fluid Power Division, Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies


isa Arrigo, SAE International