Webinars: Medical

Adaptable Healthcare Solutions Designed for Safety and Security


Improved security and performance in modern and future healthcare products hinges on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and adaptive computing. This five-part Webinar series examines the solutions these technologies offer for manufacturers looking to better risk management methods for embedded medical devices, gain a competitive edge, bring products to market faster, and improve overall processes.

Sessions include:

  • Adaptable AI for Healthcare, Part 1: Medical Imaging
  • Adaptable AI for Healthcare, Part 2, AI for the Human Lifecycle
  • Winning Risk Management Methods for Medical Device Embedded Systems
  • Get to Market Faster With Innovative Medical Imaging Technology
  • Transforming Healthcare With High-Performance and Adaptive Computing


Subh Bhattaacharya, Lead, Healthcare & Sciences, AMD

Giulio Corradi, Fellow, Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences, AMD

Kris Dickie, VP Research & Development, Clarius Mobile Health

Daniel Diez, Chief Transformation Officer, Magic Leap

Quenton Hall, AI System Architect, AMD

Paul Levy, AWS Community Builder for Artificial Intelligence, Artificial.Chat

Hazeem Sait, Strategic Advisor, Spline.Al

Wesley Skeffington, Technical Fellow, Systems Architecture, AMD

Guglielmo Zanni, Principal Scientist, MKLabs

Dr. Felix Beacher, Head of Healthcare Technology, Informa