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Developing the Ultimate Medical Sensor Technology


Companies are now developing devices that work much like Star Trek’s Tricorder — the ultimate in noninvasive monitoring. Combined with a patient’s medical history, these devices rely on multiple sensors to make a quick and accurate assessment, diagnosing and monitoring illness with minimal interaction with the physician. Advances in sensors that are smart, wireless, and smaller than ever before are driving these innovations. Nanomaterials, such as graphene, are enabling the advancement of increasingly sophisticated sensors.

This 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Medical Design Briefs explores the landscape of sensor technologies that are turning this sci-fi device into reality.

Topics include:

  • The integration of sensors in devices
  • The growing need for point-of-care biosensor devices
  • Point-of-care biosensors in a waning COVID-19 pandemic
  • Quality and regulatory requirements, design, miniaturization, and assembly of wearable/biosensors as medical devices

An audience Q&A will follow the technical presentation.


Andy Ko, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

Andy Ko is a Technology Analyst in the Life Sciences team at IDTechEx, focusing on technologies within the healthcare sector. He holds a master’s degree in research, with a focus on cellular and molecular biosciences, and a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Imperial College London. Andy has worked with several research groups, including a study on the molecular basis of immune response to covid-19 as part of the critical, pandemic research effort, as well as Royal British Legion-funded research characterizing inflammation in the brain after blast traumatic brain injury as part of a project to develop therapeutics.

Dave Liebl, Chief Technology and Chief Commercial Officer, Intricon

Dave Liebl is the Chief Commercial and Technology Officer at Intricon, which provides unsurpassed expertise in miniaturized electronics for biosensor innovation including prototyping, testing, validation, product launches, and fulfillment. Intricon uses technical capabilities and regulatory acumen as a joint development manufacturer for medical devices that use biosensors in pulmonology, remote patient monitoring, audiology, orthopedics, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. Dave has more than 25 years of technical experience in the med device industry.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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