CT Measurement Software

Werth, Inc., Old Saybrook, CT, has released a computed tomography machine designed to reduce time lag caused by the start-stop positioning of the workpiece. The OnTheFly CT uses short exposure times to minimize motion blur. To achieve the same measurement uncertainty as in start-stop operation, the number of rotary increments is increased. The specification according to VDI/VDE is not affected, despite the greatly accelerated measurement process; ensuring traceability of the measurement results is maintained. With the new process, measurement time can be reduced by up to 10 times for the same quality of data. The workpiece volume is reconstructed in real time and is available immediately after measurement. Alternatively, the data quality may be increased for the same measurement time.

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Tube Cutting System

A laser tube cutting system from Amada Miyachi America, Monrovia, CA, uses cold ablation cutting, providing edge quality that significantly reduces post-processing costs. The Sigma femtosecond laser tube cutting system is ideal for medical device applications, including a wide range of diameter tubes and stents. The system can be configured for any femtosecond laser and multiple wavelengths. The flexible platform with up to 4 axes of motion and complete tooling options enables micro processing of 0.01–1 in. tube diameters. Femtosecond lasers provide zero burr cut edges and high-quality machined features.

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CT Scanning Service

Jesse Garant Metrology Center, Dearborn, MI, has launched a high-energy industrial CT scanning service. The new capabilities are designed to directly support large component medical device manufacturing with improved imaging capabilities for a wider range of parts and full validation during the pre-production and production stages. The system, which scans parts in less than an hour, pairs a 3 MeV cone-beam x-ray source with a large format 2k × 2k flat panel digital detector. It accommodates rapid inspection of mid-size parts, up to 44.5 in. in diameter by 63 in. in height. The service allows for cleaner separation of internal components and inspection of higher density materials not possible with lower energy micro CT systems.

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Expanded Manufacturing

Cirtec Medical, Brooklyn Park, MN, is adding 30,000 sq ft to its Minneapolis manufacturing facility. The new space will increase the company’s manufacturing capacity for precision machining and medical device assembly. The company will use the space to create a center of excellence for neurostimulation leads and low-volume, high-mix minimally invasive surgical device assembly. The additional space will allow the company to expand its production line transfer capabilities while utilizing lean manufacturing practices to continually improve product quality and reduce production costs.

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Equipment Capabilities Guide

To support the surface finishing industry’s continued and growing investments in new equipment, Asterion, Indianapolis, IN, has released an Equipment Capabilities Guide. The guide summarizes the following criteria to ensure equipment purchases meet surface finishers’ increasing application and productivity requirements: Equipment Selection, Construction and Design, Process Line Productivity Impact, Total Cost of Ownership, Health & Safety, and Ease of Purchasing. The company offers guidance on everything from replacing single accessories to installing fully integrated chemical and equipment systems and offers technical resources to maintain and improve the performance of plating operations.

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Liquid Filling Machine

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Falmouth, UK, has released a peristaltic tabletop aseptic liquid filling machine designed for operation in GMP-regulated industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics. The Flexicon PF7 adds a more intuitive, validation-friendly operator interface to reduce the risk of costly filling errors. Optimized for precision dispensing by weight or by volume using Accusil tubing, the PF7 is designed to work with single-use fluid paths such as Asepticsu, thus removing any risk of cross contamination. Changing the fluid path can be achieved in less than 60 seconds.

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