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Coffee Talk sessions are open to all attendees.

As part of its free education program, MD&M Minneapolis will feature two “Coffee Talk” sessions. The sessions are open to all attendees. Both will be held in Room 103C in the convention center.

Silicone and Medical Manufacturing: Technology, Use Cases & Economics

Nov. 2, 10:30–11:45 AM

Silicone contains properties that make it a perfect fit for a variety of medical applications. Protolabs industry experts will spotlight two major silicone manufacturing processes (true silicone 3D printing and liquid silicone rubber injection molding), diving into the use cases and economics to shed light on whether these might be a fit for your next project or device. Learn about:

  • Prototyping vs. production opportunities for silicone, including key use cases for the medical device industry
  • Design principles for 3d printed and injection molded silicone
  • Material properties and cost comparisons of additional elastomer manufacturing options beyond silicone

Presented by: PROTOLABS

Next-Generation Cybersecurity Technologies and Strategies for an Evolving Threat Landscape

Nov. 3, 10:30–11:45 AM

Healthcare and medical device organizations continue to be exposed to ransomware attacks with increased impact to connected medical devices, patient care/safety, and exposure to large global integrated health delivery systems. Patients have recognized significant patient care impacts such as rescheduled surgeries, increased patient wait times, delayed test results, and challenges filling prescription medications. This presentation will provide medical device executives a guide to understanding how their organization is positioned to protect against emerging ransomware threats and develop compliance with evolving regulations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide thought leadership to current cyber security events
  • Impacts to connected medical devices and mitigation strategies
  • Share industry experience and how they have impacted health systems
  • Educate leaders on what core security program elements should be in place

Presented by Fortinet