Tom Harrison, Bill Lee, Keith Haddow, Sam Hyde, and James CoCrone. (Credit: The Lee Company)

The Lee Company, Westbrook, CT, has acquired TTP Ventus Limited from TTP Group. Based near Cambridge, UK, TTP Ventus is an inventor and manufacturer of silent, compact micropumps and pump modules. The products complement The Lee Company’s existing range of miniature fluid control components widely utilized across the the medical, life science, environmental, and industrial sectors.

“TTP Ventus brings exciting new technology to The Lee Company, enhancing our offering in the strategically important life science and medical markets,” says Bill Lee, President and CEO. “The fit with our existing product lines is strong, and we expect our global force of sales engineers to accelerate Ventus’ growth. The Lee Company’s unique capabilities in miniaturization and engineering keep our company at the forefront of fluid flow technology, and the addition of Ventus is the latest advancement of our technologies."

Lee says that the renamed LEE Ventus will become the 11th production group for The Lee Company and the fourth member of the Electro Fluidic Systems (EFS) division. LEE Ventus will continue operations in the UK, becoming The Lee Company’s first international production unit.

“Our customers will now have even greater performance range and precision control of pressure and flow conditions in both liquid and pneumatic applications,” he says.

James McCrone, head of business operations for TTP Group, says, “We’re delighted with this successful outcome for TTP Ventus as it enters an exciting new phase in its growth. Under TTP Group’s incubation, the team have transformed an innovative technology into an exciting new product and a successful business. The Lee Company’s established leadership in precision fluidic control and their global sales reach makes them the ideal acquisition partner.”

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