ORS Labs, the parent company of Oneida Research Services, Inc. (ORS), has acquired Silicon Cert Laboratories in Reading, PA. Silicon Cert Laboratories is an internationally recognized leader in environmental and mechanical testing and qualification of products and components for multiple industries, including the medical device industry.

Silicon Cert Laboratories testing services include mechanical shock, vibration, drop testing, and environmental exposure such as temperature and humidity cycling to evaluate the impact of changing environmental conditions on products.

“The acquisition of Silicon Cert Laboratories substantially increases the level of expertise and technology that ORS can offer when evaluating and qualifying products and components for mission-critical applications in the industries we serve,” says Daniel Rossiter, senior vice president of Oneida Research Services, Inc. “We are thrilled to be working together and look forward to many years of growth.”

John Schmoyer, client services manager at Silicon Cert says, “Oneida and Silicon Cert have had a friendly cooperative relationship for over twelve (12) years. This is a win-win relationship for both Silicon Cert Laboratories and Oneida Research.”