GI Plastek, Precision Southeast Inc., and Plastics Solutions, Inc. have merged to form PSI Molded Plastics. The three sister injection molding companies are all owned by Gladstone Investment. With the merger, each of the companies can now share their distinct areas of expertise throughout the organization. The merger expands the company’s presence into a variety of markets, including healthcare and diagnostics. Citizens Bank assisted with the financing of the merger.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to bring together these companies and the talented people within them to provide our customers with an in-depth solution to their injection molded plastics needs,” says Daniel Mills, president and CEO of PSI Molded Plastics. “We appreciate Gladstone’s support in this merger and its continued investment in our growth.”

The new organization provides customers with a single company that can support a customer’s injection molded component requirements — from large parts to small and from low to high volumes. Also available are post mold finishing, paint and decorating, and assembly capabilities, as well as automotive certifications. Offering access to multiple injection molding processes, PSI Molded Plastics’ capabilities include gas assist, structural foam, and overmolding, along with in-house tooling.

PSI Molded Plastics’ manufacturing facilities are located in Wolfeboro, NH; South Bend, IN; and Myrtle Beach and Marion, SC.

GI Plastek also recently expanded its in-house electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) shielding capabilities. Its new 9,000 sq ft paint facility enables the company to apply shielding to parts as large as four feet by five feet on a controlled, mechanized line. GI Plastek’s paint operation runs two shifts a day, five days a week, increasing customer throughput potential. The line has four drafted booths for priming, painting, coating and texturing operations, along with an in-line convection oven. The company says it can apply spray-on EMI and RFI shielding onto most substrates.