Tech Briefs Media Group (TBMG) and Medical Development Group (MDGBoston) have formed a partnership to benefit the medical technology community. The two groups will jointly produce a full-day medical technology conference next year in Boston. In addition, MDGBoston will get national exposure through TBMG’s Medical Design Briefs magazine and digital properties, and Medical Design Briefs will have a presence at MDGBoston’s monthly Forums.

TBMG is a publisher of several engineering magazines, including Tech Briefs and Medical Design Briefs, and is a subsidiary of the non-profit organization SAE International. Medical Design Briefs is the only medical publication targeted 100 percent to OEM medical product designers and reaches an audience of more than 40,000.

MDGBoston is a non-profit organization of medical technology professionals representing industry, clinical, educational, and R&D disciplines engaged in the business of advancing or using medical- and biotechnology. MDGBoston provides information on leading medical technology, clinician presentations on their use and development of medical technology, and networking opportunities among medical technology industry professionals together with clinical professionals. MDGBoston achieves those actions through Forums and videos of the Forum presentations.

MDG’s members will receive a subscription to Medical Design Briefs as a member benefit. The combined reach of both organizations is over 100,000 professionals involved in medical technology.