The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (RF SUNY) will lead a new Manufacturing Innovation Institute to secure US leadership in manufacturing integrated photonics. The new institute, announced by Vice President Biden, will focus on emerging technologies, including “needleless” tests for medical conditions like diabetes.

The Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Integrated Photonics is the sixth of nine such public-private partnerships to boost advanced manufacturing.

The Department of Defense is awarding the new Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Integrated Photonics to a consortium of 124 companies, nonprofits, and universities led by RF SUNY. The total investment from the DoD will be over $610 million—$110 million in federal funds, and more than $500 million in non-federal contributions.

By shrinking electronic components like lasers and optical sensors to a scale hundreds of times smaller than a single living cell, new advancements are possible in the medical field. Possible applications include needleless technologies that monitor blood sugar levels, tiny cameras that travel within arteries, and lower-cost human genome sensing.