Researchers in Germany have developed a multichannel ultrasound platform that uses a modular configuration. The platform can be adapted to a set of applications that are entirely different from each other, such as real-time treatment monitoring.

The system uses basic components, like main board, power supply, and control software that always stays the same.

“Then we put application specific components – the front-end boards – into this main board, like with a building-block system,” said Steffen Tretbar of the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT in St. Ingbert.

In order to turn the technology into concrete products, the experts from IBMT offer two approaches. The researchers can apply software interfaces to the ultrasound systems that are integrated directly into the customer’s system. The second option is to integrate the customer’s application into the software of the ultrasound system and then realize a software product for the entire application.