Image of radical Noninvasive X-Ray Technology
Monash University researchers have developed radical noninvasive x-ray technology to help diagnose, treat, and manage respiratory diseases. (Credit: Monash University)

A radical noninvasive technology can be used to diagnose respiratory lung diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and lung cancer, and potentially fast-track treatments for patients.

Researchers have for the first time taken technology usually confined to high-tech synchrotron facilities into a common laboratory setting and applied new four-dimensional x-ray velocity (XV Technology) imaging to provide high-definition and sensitive real-time images of airflow through the lungs in live organisms.

The study shows the likely impact that this technology has in respiratory disease detection, monitoring, and treatment through noninvasive and nonterminal means. The technology also has the potential to see whether treatments for respiratory illnesses are working much earlier.

The technology has since been commercialized by Australian-based med-tech company 4Dx Limited, led by CEO and former Monash University researcher Professor Andreas Fouras. The technology has been upscaled for human clinical trials taking place in the USA, with Phase I already completed successfully.