Jamie Hyneman, Former Mythbuster.

Former Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman will present the 2017 keynote address at MD&M West. He will speak at noon on February 7, the first day of the event. The show runs February 7–9 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

In 2002, Hyneman teamed up with his former employee, Adam Savage, to film a TV pilot for Mythbusters. Over the 12 years that the show aired, the team busted more than 750 myths. Graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Russian, he worked in a number of industries before moving into at special effects. After acquiring the necessary, he eventually formed M5 Industries, which specializes in problematic custom builds. He has an honorary engineering degree from the University of Maine, and an honorary doctorate of engineering from Villanova University. He has a collaborative relationship with Villanova's College of Engineering to develop new safety concepts for the military.

In addition to the MD&M event, co-located expos will feature robotics, automation, plastics, packaging, design, and electronics technologies.