The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis unlike anything the world has ever faced, and Clippard  recognizes its unique role as a manufacturer of critical components and subassemblies for ventilators, diagnostic equipment, and other critical care devices to help fight the Coronavirus. “We are honored and committed to being part of the solution in any way we can,” says Bill Clippard, president.

As unique demands increase, Clippard is adding 50–75 employees across the next few weeks. Across the first quarter of 2020, the company says it has maintained a 98 percent on-time delivery to all customers, and as order demands are increasing daily, they are adding staff, work cells, and additional support personnel to ensure that all customers receive a high level of service as they manage the “Covid-Response” requests.

As expedites and new requests are coming in, Clippard says they are proud of their staff’s willingness and dedication. They are impressed with their supply-chain network and their ability to step up their team’s efforts to meet demand. They also appreciate the government’s efforts to streamline the processes and support business in this time of crisis. The company says it is fully supporting customers “through these tough times.”

Internally, Clippard says it is prioritizing employee health as they increase their capacity and staffing levels. They are adhering to the CDC guidelines and maintaining a clean environment with appropriate social distancing throughout the facilities in both its Cincinnati and Fairfield, OH, facilities.

“Ultimately, it is an individual’s habits and decisions that not only keep themselves safe and healthy, but also those around them. Clippard is truly blessed to have a team of such dedicated employees that support and respect each other,” says Rob Clippard, chief marketing officer.