High-Performance Pump

A micro diaphragm gas pump from KNF Neuberger, Trenton, NJ, offers exceptionally low noise and vibration. This NMP 820 series pump produces a flow rate up to 3.5 L/min. Single- and two-head versions are available, producing 17.4 psig (1.2 barg) final pressure. Flow rates and ultimate vacuum for the single-head versions are up to 2.1 L/min and to 330 mbar abs (20.2 in. Hg), respectively. Two-head versions offer flow rates up to 3.5 L/min and ultimate vacuum to 100 mbar abs (27.0 in. Hg). The quiet operation of the NMP 820 is particularly ideal for medical point-of-care and medical portable devices, such as negative pressure wound therapy.

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