Autoclavable Connectors

Miniaturized hermetic connectors featuring high I/O density and high data rates are available from Schott, Rye Brook, NY.

The autoclavable connectors and feedthroughs are made with the company’s Glass-to-Metal-Sealing (GTMS) or Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing technology (CerTMS®).

Multilayer-ceramic sealed feedthroughs are available for high density, miniaturized applications. Optional multi-pin connectors or high-speed data ports allow for high-definition (HD) video port connections.

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Safety Clip

Binder USA, Camarillo, CA, has introduced a new accessory for its miniature and subminiature connectors. New safety clips for the 620 and 720 series increase the security of circular connectors in applications where reliability is critical. The clips feature three snap-in lugs that produce an audible click to confirm when the connector is properly latched. For additional protection, the locking clips can also be fastened with cable ties. Additionally, connecting and disconnecting can be done quickly, using just one hand.

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Connector Straps

Insulated, snap-on connector straps that are prewired for simplified connectivity applications are now available from Keystone Electronics Corp., New Hyde Park, NY. The connectors allow for easy and secure connectivity of devices. They are supplied with an insulated vinyl-covered base to reduce short circuit and contact tampering potential. Both male stud connectors and female socket connectors feature brass, nickel-plated contacts for a reliable, low-contact resistance battery connection. They are rated for up to 2 A, 120 VAC.

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Custom Wire Harnesses

Aved Electronics, North Billerica, MA, has introduced custom-fabricated wire harnesses that are fully assembled and connectorized for OEM application requirements.

The harnesses are fabricated to OEM requirements using automated wire processing equipment to apply interconnects, modular plugs, and other connectors and are supplied as a single SKU.

Electrically and mechanically tested, they are designed to ensure the self-alignment of cables within the carrier to save installation time during final assembly. Options include bus, data, fiber optic, and power cables. The harnesses meet UL/CSA, RoHS, medical, and other specifications.

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Interconnect Solutions

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, St. Augustine, FL, offers a line of high-performance, low-cost cable assemblies, connectors, and interconnect systems for 5G and Gen-Z systems used in medical services and other applications. The company’s 5G processing capabilities offer scalability, interoperability, reliability, and flexibility.

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Microwave Systems

Microwave assemblies from Times Microwave Systems, Wallingford, CT, provide a flexible preassembled design for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules, and enclosure panels. InstaBend is ideal for applications with space constraints. The cable can be bent very closely behind the connector, minimizing footprint, saving space and simplifying cable routing. This also eliminates the need to protect the back of the connector. The high-performance assemblies are available in standard configurations or can be customized to meet an application’s specific needs.

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