The wearable device and integrated in-home monitoring system aim to help doctors identify fall risk factors for individual patients. (Photo by Brandon Martin/Rice University)

A research team has designed a fall-risk assessment system that enables doctors to create personalized risk-management strategies for patients based on their individual movement patterns at home.

The system includes a wearable device, a home-mapping and movement-monitoring component, and an artificial intelligence-mediated data-processing element. The wearable device tracks location with an ultrawideband sensor. It tracks movement with an accelerometer and tracks time with a real-time clock. Patients can press a button enables if they are dizzy.

Everything is written to a micro-SD card. The system includes a lidar scanner mounted on a tripod that can map the layout of a room, including the furniture. The lidar scanner sends out a signal and detects where the walls are. (Image credit: Brandon Martin/Rice University)

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