Super-elastic multifunctional super-coiled fibers can stretch up to 16 times maximum and maintain electronic characteristics at the same time. The new fibers can be used in various electronic applications such as wearable, biosensor, and transplantable microelectronic devices. The team was inspired by looking at a DNA structure.

Researchers developed a new super-coiled structure. (Credit: DGIST)

Researchers coiled spandex fiber surrounded by carbon nanotube to create the super-coil structure. While it stretches by 16 times in length, there is no decrease in electrical conductivity. Similar to a telephone wire, the coiled fiber can stretch longer than its original length, so it is expected to be applied in fields such as robots and exoskeletons.

The team developed a high-elastic wearable supercapacitor that can expand the energy storage volume by 11 times while having high capacitance, taking a step toward the commercialization of a wearable high-performance battery.

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