A high-tech device-transformer for ultrasound examination combines three functions in one device. So instead of two types of vehicles (stationary and portable), medical institutions can use a single device for a high-precision study using the full configuration of the equipment or in emergency room, where the speed of decisions is important.

Mobile ultrasound combines both stationary and portable functions. (Credit: SPbPU)

The image quality obtained by the device depends on the number of physical channels that simultaneously receive information and create the image. Increasing the number of channels, the quality of the obtained image is getting higher. In this device, depending on the modification, the number of channels varies from 48 to 192, providing a high image quality.

The developers say the device-transformer is 80 percent ready. The project documentation will be provided to an industrial partner to begin serial production of the device. The ultrasound unit will be implemented in medical institutions in Russia in 2019.

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