Researchers have developed software to better predict the risk of blood leaking around a patient’s aortic stent.

Based on CT images alone, it is currently difficult to predict which patients will be at increased risk of leakage. However, researchers say that current methods are only using a small part of the information contained in these images. To remedy this situation, the researchers developed software to accurately determine the coordinates (position) of the stent, the aneurysm, and the arteries. This enables clinicians to clearly visualize the total area of stent that is physically anchored to the arteries. It also shows whether the stent has been fitted ‘snugly enough’ into the aorta.

The results to date have been very encouraging. However, the developer says more research is needed before this software can be routinely used in healthcare. For instance, the system has not yet been used ‘predictively.’ As a result, he is calling for extensive follow-up studies, involving data from an even larger group of patients.