An innovative pad combines both reinforcing pressure and occlusion to treat hypertrophic scars from burns, surgeries, and trauma. The Smart Scar-Care pad showed good performance in reducing pigmentation and vascularity, improving elasticity and preventing dehydration in a clinical trial. Patients reported that it is more durable and user-friendly compared with the traditional pad (polyethylene foam).

The pad combines the effect of pressure therapy and silicone gel, serving dual functions of reinforcing pressure and moisturizing the scar.
(Credit: Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

The pad is composed of silicone stiffener and medical-grade silicone gel sheet. The silicone stiffener is made of silicone rubber. Its smooth side is attached to the silicone gel sheet, which serves to moisturize the scar. The other side of the silicone stiffener is characterized by circular silicone studs that can be adjusted to shape the curved or flat skin surfaces to provide even pressure under elastic bandages or pressure garments.

The pad was designed with different stud heights, diameters, and gel thicknesses. If applied to flat or concave areas, such as chest, dorsal hand, and abdomen, higher studs are used to create a larger curvature. In addition, thicker gel sheets may be applied to thicker scars whereas thinner gel sheets may be applied to thinner scars.