DC/DC Converter

A series of high isolation 6 W DC/DC converters suitable for medical applications is available from Cosel, Tokyo, Japan. Packaged in a single in line (SIP) type 8, the MH6 series has a reinforce isolation of 3k VAC, 4.2k VDC, and complies with medical isolation standard (2MOOP – 250 VAC working voltage). Three input voltages (4.5–18; 9–36, and 18–76 V) and a large variety of single (MHFS6) and dual output (MHFW6) options cover a large range of applications. The series has only 20 pF max insulation capacitance, thus reducing noise transfer. It has built-in overcurrent protection circuit, with automatic recovery. A remote control pin operating as negative logic (L:ON, H:OFF) is available.

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