Medical Hyperspectral Camera

Hyperspectral camera.

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, and Diaspective Vision GmbH, have developed a new type of endoscopic camera. The MALY- NA system, which is based on proprietary multispectral imaging technology, not only provides indocyanine green (ICG) based perfusion visualization, but also serves as a platform to adapt further algorithms for quantified perfusion and tissue categorization without the need of color agent injection. The system augments a 4K live video stream with physiological information to provide surgeons with objective decision-making support. It is applicable in laparoscopy, robotic surgery, and diagnostic endoscopy with the goal of intraoperative risk structure and potentially tumor detection.

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Recirculating Chillers

Recirculating chiller.

A series of recirculating chillers is available from Laird Thermal Systems, Durham, NC. The first model in the Nextreme Value Chiller series is the VRC2400, which provides 2600 W of cooling power and can be configured to meet unique requirements for medical applications. Recirculating chillers are compressor-based liquid cooling systems that circulate a coolant at a predefined temperature setpoint to provide very precise temperature control of manufacturing and laboratory equipment. The series uses high-performance components to cool well below ambient temperatures to control processes or dissipate heat away from thermally sensitive equipment.

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Housing Materials

Housing materials.

Covestro, Pittsburgh, PA, has launched a new line of durable materials for medical device housings and hardware. The new Makrolon M6011 FR, a medical polycarbonate, and Makroblend M5005 FR, a medical polycarbonate/polyester blend, offer a differentiated composition of properties that improve chemical resistance while using next-generation flame retardants. The materials are designed to offer improved disinfectant resistance. now comprise the most stringent UL rating — UL 94 V-0 — and next-generation flame retardancy compared to previous in-market products. In addition, these medical-grade products offer enhanced impact strength and increased rigidity, as well as UV resistance and improved flowability.

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Systems Engineering Platform

Systems engineering platform.

Vitech, A Zuken Company, Blacksburg, VA, has released the most recent version of its flagship systems engineering software. Designed from the ground up to provide a robust platform for managing the complexities of intelligent and connected systems, GENESYS 2021 R2 improves the quality of systems engineering in organizations with its model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach. This release adds a web-based application programming interface called a REST API. This API complements the existing GENESYS Open API to provide partners and customers with significant capabilities and options for implementing broad digital engineering solutions.

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High-Speed Connectors

High speed connectors.

Binder USA, Camarillo, CA, has released high-speed connectors with D-coding. The Series 818 M8 hybrid connectors enable the network connection of miniaturized actuators and sensors with data rates of up to 100 Mbit/s in about a third of the space required by M12 connectors. The connectors are ideal for industrial Ethernet applications with communication protocols such as EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET. The rugged connectors offer IP67-level protection when mated and locked, and the four gold-plated pins are symmetrically arranged for maximum durability. The connectors have power supply applications in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 at standard (PoE+, or Power-over-Ethernet plus). In addition to straight male and female connectors, shieldable angled flange versions are also available.

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Confocal Sensors

Confocal sensors.

Micro-Epsilon, Ortenburg, Germany, offers a new confocal sensor with a measuring range of 0.8 mm. This compact IFS2407-0.8 opens new fields of application in displacement and thickness measurements. Combined with a high resolution of 24 nm, the sensor enables the measurement of transparent layers such as glass or plastic film with a layer thickness from 40 μm. Another advantage lies in the large measuring angle of up to ± 30° (NA 0.5). Combined with the light spot diameter of just 6 μm, the sensor detects very fine structures. The chromatic IFS2405/90-6 sensor is used for high-precision displacement and thickness measurements on diffuse, reflecting, and transparent materials.

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