Micro-Metallizer Plating Pens

Micro-metallizer kits from Hunter Products

Micro-metallizer kits from Hunter Products, Flemington, NJ, use disposable pen cartridges to enable switching between materials without having to stop to prepare the plating solution needed. Gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, nickel, copper, tin, zinc, black nickel, and chrome pens are available. The environmentally friendly, low-cost disposable applicators allow a variety of plating possibilities without solution preparation, including contact repair, prototype development, electronic instrument repair, medical instrument repair, etc. Each kit includes a power supply but can be used with any variable DC that supplies 12 V, at 0.1 A.

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Evaluation Kit for Single-Use Sensor

A new flow sensor from Sensirion

A single-use liquid flow sensor series from Sensirion, Stäfa, Switzerland, is suitable for fast, precise, and reliable measurements of the lowest flow rates in biomedical applications.

The evaluation kit for the LD20-0600L version is now also available from distributors. The liquid flow sensor is based on the company’s CMOSens® technology and optimizes costs by simplifying the design. Luer lock fittings ensure safe and secure integration into the fluidic line.

The straight and unobstructed flow channel design has no moving parts. Medical-grade wetted materials provide outstanding chemical resistance and excellent media compatibility.

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Bioprocessing Single-Use Disposables

A new extractables study is available.

Risk-based extractables and leachables (E&L) studies of plastic single-use disposable systems (SUS) used in bioprocessing are available from Intertek Allentown, Allentown, PA. The studies are designed to help manufacturers assess and control risks due to leachables from SUS components. E&L study and method setup includes a comprehensive analysis of the extractables and leachables, including both volatile and nonvolatile compounds. The extractables study involves multiple techniques, and the data supports the assessment of potential leachables present in the final product that cause safety concerns.

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Single-Use Connectors

New single-use disposable connectors from Lemo

Single-use disposable connectors are available from Lemo, Rohnert Park, CA. The connectors are ideal for use when sterilization is not an option. The push-pull connectors are easy to manipulate and are available in IP50, IP67, and IP68 versions. These connectors can be used for a large variety of medical devices, including in the operating theaters and in intensive care. The electric contacts are gold plated, and the connector design offers high reliability for monitoring and critical-care applications.

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