IoT Deployment

The S-2CONNECT® Creo SOM board

TT Electronics, Woking, UK, has launched launch a system-on-module (SOM) for rapid IoT deployment. The S-2CONNECT® Creo SOM board is designed for engineers, programmers, and developers who are charged with reducing R&D risk and fast-tracking their IoT applications development using a precertified SOM board with cellular connectivity. It features multiple industry standard interfaces suitable for a wide range of applications including mobile healthcare. A soldered eSIM and 3FF micro-SIM-card holder are included with optional cellular connectivity subscription. An online software development kit is also available for developers.

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Medical-Grade Power Adapters

The new adapters from Jasper Electronics

Jasper Electronics, Anaheim, CA, has expanded its line of medical-grade power supplies with 27 new model series of external power adapters. The new adapters are compliant with International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) standards for the safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment, including: IEC 60601, 3rd edition; UL/cUL; TUV; and FCC certification. Several units in the wall-mounted model series have interchangeable AC plugs for international compatibility, and all power adapters have custom connector and cable options. Both wall-mounted and desktop configurations are available with output power ratings from 4.5 to 310 W.

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Fume Hood

The UniFlow Radioisotope Fume Hood

HEMCO, Independence, MO, has released a radioisotope fume hood, engineered to meet the strict requirements for lab work involving radiochemicals. The UniFlow Radioisotope Fume Hood is constructed with a welded one-piece seamless type 304 stainless steel interior fume chamber with all corners coved for easy cleaning. The work surface is welded to the fume chamber liner and is reinforced to support weight loads associated to isotope work such as lead barriers and equipment. LED lighting and vertical slide tempered glass sash are standard features. The fume hoods are offered in 48, 60, and 72 in. widths and can be outfitted with a wide selection of accessories including service fixtures, electrical service options, cabinets/tables, and suitable exhaust blowers to safely remove hazardous fumes or particulates.

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Medical Image Sensors

The OH0120 signal processor

Omnivision, Santa Clara, CA, has released two ASIC-based medical image signal processors, designed to pair with its medical image sensors for quick integration into single-use and reusable endoscopes as well as catheters. The OH0120 provides an off-the-shelf, board-level option with HDMI connectivity and LCD screen support, as well as external USB memory-card storage. It also includes onboard memory and a USB 2.0 port for external memory cards with up to 64 GB, which can store up to 30 hours of video recordings. The OH0130 is suitable for creating a CCU system platform that can process higher, full-HD resolution images of up to 1080p from a broad range of image sensors with a single board.

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Automated Guidewire Grinding

The TF-9D micro grinder

By integrating automation into its micro grinder, Glebar, Ramsey, NJ, has created a solution that enables manufacturers of single-taper guidewires to reduce setup times, increase throughput, and maintain tighter tolerances. The TF-9D automated centerless thrufeed/infeed micro grinder can be paired with the GFS, a standalone automatic feeding system, which automatically picks wires from a bin, loads them into the micro grinder, and unloads finished parts. The micro grinder uses an 8-5/8-in. wide work wheel that enables manufacturers to grind longer tapers during each pass. Once in production, it grinds shapes up to 7.8 in. per cycle. Upper and lower slides can be adjusted independently to 0.1 μm resolution using a touchscreen HMI.

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Machining Capabilities

The large 4-axis machine centers hold 240 tools each.

Jamco America, Boston, MA, offers machining capabilities that enable the company to meet rapid turnaround times and customization needs. In addition to internal product development and fabrication projects for its aerospace customers, the company’s machine shop is available for contract projects from the medical industry. Capabilities include sheet metal bending, profiling, and forming; countersinking, dimpling, riveting, and other preparations for subassembly; large 4-axis horizontal milling and machining; smaller 3- and 4-axis vertical machining; and lathe turning for round components. The large 4-axis machine centers hold 240 tools each and are accompanied by an automated 36 pallet cell, for highly flexible, efficient milling.

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Motion Control Kits

The SmartPak and PulsePak motion controller kits are ideal for automation applications.

Nippon Pulse, Radford, VA, has introduced two prepackaged motion control solutions to help OEMs get stepper motor applications up and running fast. The SmartPak and PulsePak motion controller kits are ideal for automation applications. Each kit contains a hybrid stepper motor with an integral encoder, servo controller, and cable kit to connect everything together. Motors are available with a 1000 or 2500 cpr encoder, and in NEMA sizes 8 through 34. The PulsePak includes a Nexus pulse and direction driver, while the SmartPak features a Nexus all-in-one servo driver and controller. Both kits feature realtime servo/closed loop control, easy BASIC programming control, a powerful built-in multi-thread processor, and a wizard for motion system tuning/autotuning.

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