Hospital-Grade Plugs

NEMA 5-20 hospital-grade plugs are now available from Interpower, Oskaloosa, IA, in molded colors of clear, black, or gray on 10-ft lengths of flexible cord.

These molded plugs complement the company’s NEMA 5-20 hand-wired hospital-grade plugs. Options include: North American 18A hospital-grade power cord on 14 AWG SJT cable (P/N 86630010, P/N 86630020, or P/N 86630030) as well as North American 18A hospital-grade cord set with C19 connector on 14 AWG SJT Cable (P/N 86630040, P/N 86630050, or P/N 86630060).

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Configurable Platform

Advanced Energy Industries, Denver, CO, has released a modular, configurable power platform. Excelsys CoolX®3000 provides intelligent control and monitoring for medical, life science, and specialized industrial applications. The 3000 W power supply features digital communication and control to connect with other applications.

It includes up to 24 isolated user field-configurable outputs and individual output controls. The platform can operate in altitudes up to 5,000 m. It meets safety standards, including IEC 60601-1 3rd edition, IEC 60601-1-2 4th edition (EMC), IEC 60950, IEC 62368-1, and SEMI F47.

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Solid-State Relay

Littelfuse, Chicago, IL, has released an 800 V normally open single-pole 6-pin solid-state relay (SSR). The PLA172P OptoMOS® guarantees electrical parameters at 105 °C ambient operating temperature.

The combination of high voltage rating, high temperature range, and surface-mountable packaging is recommended for medical applications. It is designed to replace electromechanical relays that are bulky and prone to failing drop tests.

A unique device pinout provides more than 6.8 mm of pad-to-pad separation between the high-voltage output pins preventing arcing, and it offers 5000 VRMS input-to-output isolation.

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DC/DC Converters

A series of high isolation 3W DC/DC converters for medical and industrial applications is available from COSEL, Tokyo, Japan. Packaged in a single in line (SIP) type 8, the MH3 series has a reinforced isolation of 3 kVAC, 4.2 KVDC and complies with medical isolation standard (2 MOOP, 250 VAC).

Three input voltages (4.5–18 V, 9–36 V, and 18–76 V) and a large variety of single- (MHFS3) and dual-output (MHFW3) cover a large range of applications. The MH3 has only 20 pF max insulation capacitance, reducing noise transfer. The series has built-in overcurrent protection circuit, with automatic recovery.

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