Heat Staking Platform

Emerson, St. Louis, MO, has introduced new heat staking technology designed to give manufacturers greater design freedom by enabling them to join more complex, delicate, and sensitive components to plastic moldings.

Using the company’s unique PulseStaker technology, which optimizes the heat staking process, the Branson™ GPX platform provides instantaneous heating and cooling, with adjustable cycle times for optimized, low-energy heat staking.

The process creates no particulates or burn marks and enables more delicate and sensitive parts, such as those with embedded electronics, to be joined with consistently high-performance finishes.

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Integrated Regulatory Software

Propel, Santa Clara, CA, has released a dedicated solution for health and life sciences manufacturers designed to streamline processes, lower costs, mitigate risk, and provide better patient outcomes. The solution includes two new regulatory capabilities that are natively integrated into the software: Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU), which allows medical device manufacturers to remain compliant with the EU Medical Device Regulation by automatically publishing and managing medical device instructions on publicly available web sites; and Global Product Registration (GPR), which simplifies commercialization by helping medical device manufacturers maintain access to each market that requires product registration.

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Micro End Mills and Chucks

Micro end mills and micro milling and drilling chucks are available from Emuge, West Boylston, MA. The micro end mills feature a patented neck design with up to 10x diameter, enabling reach into deep contours. They provide high-speed cutting finishing of 2D and 3D contours and are offered in square, ball nose, and torus end types. The micro chucks have a 1:16 worm gear, and chucks’ patented design delivers three tons of traction force. The unique design and body provide 100 percent holding power for maximum rigidity, and the collet-cone assembly absorbs virtually all vibration for maximum dampening.

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ECC and ECG Machines

Glebar, Ramsey, NJ, offers electrochemical cutting (ECC) and grinding (ECG) machine, which eliminates the need for deburring or other corrective secondary operations, reduces scrap, and improves efficiency.

Using the CS1-E ECC from Tridex Technology, multiple tubes can be cut to length at the same time. It features a highly precise feed system that can be accurately positioned to 0.00040 in. (0.01 mm) and cut off and grind notches in the same operation.

The ECG SG-1645 or SG-2060 can be used for secondary operations such as notching, bevel grinding, and multi-facet pointing.

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Ethernet Switch

A new ethernet switch module is available from Diamond Systems, Sunnyvale, CA. The EPSM-10GX4 managed switch offers 24 10/100/1000 Mbps copper ports plus 4 10 Gbps SFI ports and Layer 2+ switching and Layer 3 routing/switching software in an ultra-compact size of 2.2 × 3.3 in. (55 × 84 mm). The module is intended to be used on a carrier board, such as the company’s EPS-24G4X. The core ethernet switching technology is almost fully encapsulated on the module.

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Magnetic Angle Sensor

A small magnetic angle sensor in a narrow rod design is available from ASM Sensors, Elmhurst, IL.

The posirot® PRAS1 measures only 10.6 × 53 mm. Its slim design makes the sensor ideal for very narrow installation spaces and fits especially well into door hinges. The sensor measures rotational positions from 0° to 360° using a Hall effect sensor array and an external position magnet.

The magnetic encoder technology is completely contactless and contains no moving parts. The sensor is shock and vibration resistant. The sensor housing is made of stainless steel.

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Engineering Software Services

MedAcuity Software, Westford, MA, now offers engineering services around the BlackBerry® QNX® technology platform. As part of the QNX Channel Partner Program, MedAcuity will deliver custom software solutions using QNX technologies. Using its cybersecurity expertise and focus on medical devices and solutions, the company will build upon the QNX® Neutrino ® RTOS, provide integration services, and design and develop safety-critical solutions.

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